Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre Book Review

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We received this book, at no charge, to review from Scholastic Books. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about children books we think your family may enjoy.


Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre

Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre

By Al Mauriello       Illustrated by Ozzie Rodriguez


About Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre

Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Orgre is a story with a great message. Melvin is an average ogre with average abilities. He is not the tallest or fastest or best in school, but he has his own qualities that make him unique and special. He tries hard and is always happy, and Melvin’s family loves him very much. Melvin accepts himself for who he is.


Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre is best for children ages 3 – 6 (preschool to Kindergarten).


Why I enjoyed the Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre book

  • Wonderful Message! This Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre book has an inspiring message about accepting yourself for who you are and being proud of your own unique abilities. It teaches kids that you don’t have to be the best at everything; you just have to try hard and have confidence in yourself!


  • Amazing Illustrations! I absolutely loved the Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre illustrations by Ozzie Rodriguez who is far from mediocre in this area! The pictures were bright and colorful which really brought the story to life. I especially loved how the pictures were placed either around the words or on a separate page. This helps children who are learning to read to be less distracted which allows them to focus on each word.


  • Rhyming! I loved that this adorable tale involved rhyming words. Stories with rhymes are engaging and exciting for children. It also helps enhance language skills and reading ability.


Why my kids enjoyed Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre

  • Relatable! My kids were really able to relate to Melvin as he engaged in the same activities and had the same dreams.
  • Fun Pictures! I know I mentioned the illustrations above, but my kids also really enjoyed looking at all the fun pictures. My 5 year old loved the different characters especially the sea creature.
  • Perfect Length! Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre was the perfect length for toddlers. It was long enough to engage them and get a message across, but short enough to not lose their attention by the end. It is the perfect length to ensure comprehension of the story. My kids loved it so much we read it twice in a row!


We hope you enjoy Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre as much as we did. We really hope there will be more tales to come about this adorable and happily average ogre!


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