5 Fun Reasons to Visit Medieval Times New Jersey

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Have you met the Queen at Medieval Times New Jersey?


My first introduction to the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament was back in 2002. During my honeymoon, my new father-in-law invited my husband and I out for dinner at the Medieval Times in Kissimmee, Florida. We were caught up in our newlywed bliss, and the knights, a king, horses made a magical time all the more special and one of my favorite memories from my honeymoon.


I’ve longed to go back ever since our honeymoon. It’s actually been on my New Jersey bucket list for some time to take my boys to the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.


This January, we had the chance. The news of changes in the Medieval Times program had been spreading. A queen would now take charge of the kingdom. One of her first royal acts was to invite bloggers from across her kingdom to join her for a majestic feast.


I could not have been more thrilled to be invited to the castle. Add in that the invitation was a few nights before my birthday and I was ready to mark another milestone with dinner at a Medieval Times castle. We laughed, feasted, cheered on our favorite knight and pretended to be royals in a castle. My big kid, tween, teen, and husband all enjoyed every minute.


Keep reading to see our reasons for YOU to visit Medieval Times New Jersey with your family and how you can win tickets.



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5 Fun Reasons to Visit Medieval Times New Jersey


Medieval Times has a queen!

King Herald of the North has passed on and with that his daughter is now the queen. Queen Dona Maria Isabella now reigns over the kingdom.


That means there’s a whole new Medieval Knights show to enjoy, but the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament has more than new leadership. Take a look at what all is new.


4 new things about the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

• More than 700 new custom-designed and hand-made costumes for performers and horses.


• 200 new custom-designed and hand-made suits of armor, shields, and helmets, created at a dedicated armory in Florida.


• More than 350 team members and 225 horses were training and rehearsing lines and fight scenes for the new shows while still presenting the former version of the show.


• New music composed by Dr. Daniel May, composer and jazz pianist.


Queen Dona Maria Isabella at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in New Jersey Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Queen Dona Maria Isabella


Eat with your hands!

You can eat your fresh, four-course feast of a dinner with your hands. Drink from a stein. Eat without utensils. No one will judge.

  • Kids can choose from soda and lemonade while parents can order adult beverages.


  • For dinner feast on Tomato Bisque, Toasted Garlic Bread, Roasted Chicken, Sweet Butter Corn, and Herb-Basted Potato.


  • Finish off the meal with the Pastry of the Castle for dessert.


  • Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available for dinner and dessert.


Boys cheering on the knights at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in New Jersey photo credit Jersey Family Fun


Kids are encouraged to be loud!

Cheer on your favorite knight. Yelling is encouraged. The louder the better.


The Medieval Times arena is divided into 6 colored sections. Each section has their own night to cheer for.


During our night at Medieval Times we were rooting for the red and yellow knight. It was a close battle of horsemanship and swordplay, but he eventually won Queen Isabella’s tournament of knights.


Boys with the red and yellow knight at Medieval TImes in New Jersey photo credit Jersey Family Fun

After the Medieval Times Tournament guests can pose for pictures with the knights and have the knights autograph their pennants and flags.


Witness fighting about the royal court

Witness the drama that occurs with a queen in charge. Not all of Queen Isabella’s court agree with how she’s governing.


Boys kneeling to Jenn at Medieval Times in New Jersey photo credit Jersey Family Fun

The Queen wasn’t the only one treated like royalty. ;-)


Admire the grace and beauty of the kingdom’s most beautiful animals.

Throughout the Medieval Times dinner we were treated to dazzling performances from the horses.


We saw the horses in battles as knights raced with them in jousting matches with other knights. We saw them in more peaceful moments as they pranced and posed for the Mastress of Horses, Lady Liliana.


There is also a point during the dinner where the royal falcon makes an appearance. When the trainer released the falcon to fly about the arena we all watched every movement in awe.


Lady Liliana Medieval Times New Jersey Horse Trainer photo credit Jersey Family Fun

Another leading lady of Medieval Times New Jersey – Lady Liliana! She trains the horses and often rides in the show during the Master of Horse routine.


Save when you visit Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in New Jersey


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Learn more in our 10 Tips for a Medieval Times Dinner with Kids.


For more information about and to make your reservation for the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in New Jersey visit our discount tickets to Medieval Times New Jersey page.



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