How to Make Christmas Splatter Paint Ornaments

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Christmas Spatter Paint OrnamentOne of my favorite times of Christmas is when we decorate the tree.


Nothing is more exciting than being taken back in time by looking at all of the ornaments from our past. We have ornaments from when my husband and I were little, ornaments from past vacation destinations, ornaments from the past 4 years of my boys lives, and ornaments that were given to us as gifts. I’m so glad that my mom started the tradition of giving us an ornament every year in our stockings and that I have since passed the tradition over to my husband and boys. The ornaments that I tend to like the best are the homemade ones. The ornaments that remind me of the creator. That is why I always make sure that the boys make a homemade ornament or two every year for our family tree and to give as gifts to the grandparents for their Christmas tree.


Pinterest makes finding new ideas for crafting Christmas projects quite easy. However, sometimes the projects are so extravagant that I tend to get overwhelmed and I overlook the simplicity that should exist when making a craft with a young child. I have to make myself take a step back and remember why we are making the craft in the first place. For the pure joy of opening up the ornament box and remembering who made it and that it was made with time and love. That is why I kept myself from Pinterest while planning this project. Instead, I took a trip to the craft store to get an idea or two.


At this time of year,most local craft stores offer a slew of ideas on projects for the holiday season. I decided on Christmas Splatter Ornaments. I figured that this would be pretty simple, yet pretty, to give as gifts and look at on our Christmas trees for years to come.

Supplies needed for Christmas Splatter Ornaments

Supplies Required to Make Christmas Splatter Paint Ornaments

  • Ultra Fine Glitter Acrylic Paint in Green, Red, and Silver (I used DecoArt brand)
  • #4 Flat Paint Brushes
  • Glass Bulb Ornaments
  • Paint Pallet
  • Small Cup of Water

Before I called my 4-year-old twin boys over to get started, I attempted to make an example by using the splatter technique. I found this method to be quite messy and because the paints are acrylic and can stain, I decided to just let my boys paint onto the bulbs. After all, creating memories is what is important. Either technique will turn out beautiful.


Directions to Make Christmas Splatter Paint Ornaments

  1. Use a #4 flat brush to mix the red with a small amount of water. Use the watered down red and a brush to sling color all over the ornament. Make sure to leave some spots clear. If you decide to paint the ornaments, like we did, you don’t have to mix the paint with water.
  2. Let dry completely before moving on to your next color. I used a hair dryer to help move this process along.
  3. Repeat steps with green and silver.


Because you have to let the coat of paint dry before moving on, this project took a few hours to finish. You could always do a coat of paint a day if need be. Once I finished all three coats of paint and the ornament dried completely, I used a permanent marker to write the date on each ornament. You could also write the name of the person that created it.


I was very impressed by the beauty of these ornaments once placed on the tree with the light shining through them. I can’t wait for the boys to give them to their grandparents for Christmas so that they can enjoy taking the painted ornaments out of the box and remembering the person who created them.


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