The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

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The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

By Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen

Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge


About The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

In The Climate Challenge, Miss Frizzle and her class are in the middle of preparing a presentation about climate change for a school assembly when they realize the pictures in their book are outdated. This leads to another crazy field trip on the Magic School Bus. The students get a first hand look at the polar ice caps and deserts around the world. Then, they turn into heat molecules and get trapped in a cycle by green houses gases. Afterwards, their bus takes them to places using alternative energy and the kids get some tips on protecting the planet.


Once again the amazing facts and photos draw kids in as they always do in the Magic School Bus series. This books takes a complicated issue, like global warming, and simplifies it for kids to understand. But not only does this book explain what global warming is; it also goes into some of the things people can do to help stop global warming.


The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge is best for children ages 5-8.


Why I enjoyed The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge 

  • The story line is both entertaining and informative. My daughter was fascinated by their journey on the Magic School Bus and the story line led to some great questions about climate change.
  • The illustrations in the book are great and the captions add so much more to the story.
  • The message of this book is something that will interest everyone from children through adults.


Why my kids enjoyed The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

  • My kids loved the silliness of the story. It’s crazy to imagine children turning into heat molecules and getting stuck in the atmosphere; but that’s what makes this book so enjoyable.
  • My daughter loved all of the pictures with joke captions throughout the book. It makes a complicated subject like global warming more light hearted.
  • My daughter loved that the book was informative but written in a way that a 5 year old could understand it. She finished this book with a good background on climate change throughout the world.


Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge


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The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

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