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Macy’s Make a Wish Foundation Believe Campaign

These details about the Macy’s Make a Wish Foundation Believe Campaign were originally published in 2013, but we update in annually. The following is information for 2019.


Like many parents, I am always looking for ways to teach my children about giving back. It is so important to instill a passion for helping others beginning at a very young age. I am especially looking for great opportunities during the holiday season.


When my children learned to write, I encouraged them to write their own Santa letters. The first time I saw the pretty desk waiting in Macy’s for someone to sit and write Santa letters I made sure both kids took time each holiday season to participate in the Macy’s Believe program. Each year it creates excitement for the holidays and also teaches about helping others in need. 2019 dates are November 4 – December 24 both in store and online.


Macy’s Make a Wish Foundation Believe Campaign


Letter writing station for the Macy's Believe Campaign

The holiday set up for the Macy’s Believe Campaign


How does the Macy’s Make a Wish Foundation Believe Campaign work?

  1. Children write a letter to Santa in the traditional way, or create and send their letter online at
  2. Children bring their letter addressed to “Santa Claus, North Pole” to the nearest Macy’s and place it in the the special letterbox.
  3. For every letter sent to Santa submitted by December 24, Macy’s will donate $1 to the Make a Wish Foundation up to $1,000,000.
  4. Please note, that Santa does not respond to the letters sent. (Of course, parents can get creative and write back as Santa.)


Make a Wish Foundation Facts

Some of you may be wondering what Make a Wish Foundation is. Here are a few facts about this amazing charity:

  • It is one of the world’s leading children’s charities.
  • It grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.
  • It often strengthens families.
  • It creates happiness and inspiration for individuals everywhere.
  • A wish is granted to someone in the United States every 38 minutes.
  • More than 315,000 wishes have been granted since the Make a Wish Foundation started in 1980.


Macy’s Make a Wish Foundation Believe Campaign Lesson Plans

Teachers, did you know that the Macy’s Make a Wish Foundation Believe Campaign can be easily incorporated into your lesson plans?


handwritten letter to santa


The Macy’s website provides a guide for educators and community leaders which helps schools become more involved. This guide is also great for parents and group leaders (i.e. boy scouts and girl scouts) to use at home or during meetings to help teach children about the program as well as develop various academic skills.  The website provides the following information:


Three ways to use writing letters to Santa as a lesson plan

  • A fact sheet to distribute to students and parents.
  • Ideas to be implemented in the classroom such as a letter writing lesson, group work exercises and art projects.
  • Various print outs such as letter and post card templates, coloring, connect the dots, and a math worksheet. 


On December 1, actress and Macy’s Santa Girl holiday campaign star Brooklynn Prince will kick off a social media challenge on @macys Twitter and Instagram, calling for everyone to write a letter to Santa at Macy’s to help Make-A-Wish!


It is important to share that children can send as many letters as they would like to Santa. The more letters, the more money raised and the more children who receive wishes!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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