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We received this Children’s CD, at no charge, to review from Lucy Kalantari. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about children’s music we think your family may enjoy.


Pockets Full of Joy by Lucy Kalantari

In my van we listen to certain things. I am very careful with the music I allow my children to listen to. There seems to always be questionable lyrics on the radio and my children like to repeat and sing along. I love having something we can listen to as a family and all enjoy without having to worry about repeating things.


Lucy Kalantari’s Pockets Full of Joy contains 6 simple ukulele ditties with a 1920’s ditty. It is great driving music, which is where we always listen to our music on our travels from place to place. Kalantari’s music sounds like older music and contains many love songs but is perfect to dance in the car with or dance in general. It’s time to dance through the 5 pm traffic and during the long drive to grammy’s! Kalantari expresses her love of being a mom and loving her children in her music. Her music is said to be comparable to Billie Holiday just to give you an idea of the song. Along with the ukulele that she plays Linus Wyrsch plays clarinet, Jay Foote on bass, and Rich Kulsar on drums.


Kalantari has written 3 other albums since 2000 the previous ones about love lost while this one is about love found (her children).  We are happy to have listened and experienced Kalantari’s powerful and loved filled songs.


Pockets Full of Joy

Pockets Full of Joy


Lucy Kalantari’s Pockets Full of Joy Song List

  1. Pockets Full of Joy (1:42 mins)
  2. The Only Thing (2:53 mins)
  3. Way with Me (2:26 mins)
  4. Betta’ (2:57 mins)
  5. Wait & See (2:28 mins)
  6. A Fresh Start (3:22 mins)


My favorite song on the Pockets Full of Joy album would have to be Wait and See. Wait and See is the questions we sit and wonder as we rub our bellies as mothers and as we see our son’s and daughter’s faces as fathers. What will my child be? Will they be curious, will they want to sing, and then as we are wandering we notice how quickly our children, our babies, grow right before our eyes. Remember to dance!


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Lucy Kalantari’s Pockets Full of Joy

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