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My Son’s Day as a Cholatier at Lore’s Chocolates- Field Trip Friday

lores chocolates

Some of the things my son got to cover in chocolate. @JerseyFamilyfun

A few weeks ago, our friend, Karla Trotman from Belly Button Boutique, invited us to a blogger party at Lore’s Chocolates in Philadelphia. Lore’s is getting into the business of children’s birthday parties and wanted us to bring our kids to try it out.  Field trips and chocolate, two of my favorite things…how could I say no?


At street level, Lore’s Chocolates has a very large selection of chocolates. There were chocolates shaped for every interests, race cars, flowers, dinosaurs, cell phones. There were Easter bunnies in every size imaginable from ones that would fit in the palm of my hand, to one’s as tall as some of my children. There was something for every budget, starting with chocolate lollipops at $1.25 each. It was truly a challenge to leave without getting carried away and buying out the store.

Lores Chocolates


Alas it was time to head downstairs for our party. Maureen and Tony Walter, the owners, were our party hosts.  With all the equipment and chocolate screaming out touch me, touch me, taste me, taste me; I was very nervous about bringing my 6 year old. But Maureen and Tony, parents themselves were so patient and kind with the kids. This was not the kind of party where they would have to sit and watch the action. They were part of the action. At every point of the way, they got to touch, and occasionally taste, the chocolate products being made.

Tony began by showing kids chocolate comes from cocoa beans that live in a cocoa pod. Then, he explained how it goes from the bean to the chocolate they used.  Next, they broke us into 2 groups to start making chocolate. One group was lead by Maureen, the other Tony. In an hour’s time at Lore’s Chocolates, my son made:

  • Chocolate-covered marshmallows
  • Chocolate-covered pretzels
  • Chocolate-covered animal crackers
  • 3 Chocolate lollipops
  • 2-3 Chocolate-covered, sprinke-covered pretzel sticks
  • Several chocolate-nonpariels

Each child also received a Lore’s Chocolate gift bag with

  • A large chocolate personalized Easter egg
  • a small chocolate bunny

There is so much I loved about this party, I just had to share:

  • Even though it was an hour we never felt rushed. Tony and Maureen took their time with the kids making sure each child understood what to do and got to do it themselves.
  • Forget having to bring party bags. Each child took home lots of chocolates, enough so that my son brought some to share with his classmates and a lollipop for his teacher.
lores chocolates


Why it makes a great party:

  • The party package is available for 10 children for $250. From what I understand parents pay much more than that for parties at other locations. I don’t think the competitors can offer what Lore’s does.  It’s individual attention, learning something fun, bringing home treats they’ve made. It’s a unique party that kids won’t have already done a million times. No disrespect to the bouncing places or rollerskating rinks, but how many times can you do that?
  • Lore’s Chocolates provides the party room, invitations, and paper goods. You just bring the cake and non-chocolate food you might want.

Is it a problem or hassle because they are in Philly?

  • Absolutely not…using public transportation was incredibly easy. We took the NJ Transit to the Lindenwold Station. From there we hopped on the Patco to 8th and Market. We walked a few blocks and we were there. So easy and none of the hassles of parking. Plus, on weekends kids ride free on NJ Transit.

Want to give your child the chance to be a junior cholatier? Want to take a field trip there?

  • Palm Sunday, April 12, 2011, noon – 4 pm, Lore’s Chocolates will host an open house. Kids will get to meet with the Easter Bunny, make a chocolate egg, learn about how chocolate is made, and participate in other activities.

Want more?

Go check out our pictures on Facebook.

Our thanks again to Karla and Lore’s Chocolates for hosting such a delicious field trip.

In full disclosure, Jersey Family Fun was not paid or required to write this post. We were invited to come out and participate in the party at no cost to us. We provided and paid for our own transportation and any delicious items we bought from the gift shop. Our opinions are our own and are based on our experience at Lore’s Chocolates.

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