Longwood Gardens Christmas: The Holiday Spirit is Happening There!

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This post was made possible by The Longwood Gardens, who invited us to explore a Longwood Gardens Christmas. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about Philadelphia holiday events we think families will enjoy.


Longwood Gardens Christmas

When I learned we had the opportunity to visit Longwood Gardens Christmas in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, I couldn’t wait. We have lived here for 7 years and I often heard that before we moved we would have to visit these gardens as there is nothing that could compare. Though it has been in my mind all this time, we have never made our way to this amazing location that is home to some of horticulture’s most amazing displays. With a month until our visit, I was excited to begin to explore what they had to offer and what we would find. As I began to navigate their website, I could feel my heart begin to race with excitement and anticipation. This adventure wasn’t just going to be fun, it was going to be amazing.


About Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is the creation of Pierre S. duPont and it continues to invite families of all shapes and sizes from all over the world to explore its 1,077 acres of gardens and 4 acre indoor conservatory. One thing we learned about was the generosity of duPont himself, visitors to the garden continue to be supported by his generosity as each ticket is subsidized by his own trust. Learning this made us realize just how much duPont truly loved the gardens and taking care of the country he truly loved.


Families can make this an all day experiences as they navigate through many family friendly exhibits and gardens. We couldn’t begin to imagine what we would find beyond the amazing entrance during Longwood Gardens Christmas.


Longwood Gardens Christmas

When we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff willing to answer any questions we had. We were amazed at the knowledge and interest that each volunteer interpreter took with us as we traveled through the gardens. We were awe struck with the many gardens that filled this property and enjoyed the opportunity to explore and find individual nuances in each individual space. It was amazing to look around even in the late fall as there were bright colors, lights and floral arrangements that truly called us to be be drawn into the magic of the Christmas Season.


When we asked the children their favorite parts of Longwood Gardens Christmas, it seemed that they replayed their entire experience in one long run on sentence. In other words, The Longwood Gardens did not disappoint and only interested us in returning to the gardens to visit every season.


One of our favorite spots to visit was the Indoor Children’s Garden. Though it was a friendly place that welcomed children it truly had adults engaged and playing within the fully decorated space.


Longwood Gardens Christmas


Longwood Gardens Christmas Indoor Children’s Garden

This amazing space originally was created with du Pont’s nieces and nephews in mind and was expanded in 2007 to  triple the original size.

  • Hands on Water Features
  • Handcrafted Sculptures
  • Secret Stairways
  • Scavenger Hunts


Longwood Gardens Christmas


The Indoor Children’s Garden is located within the main Conservatory. When you walked through the doors decorated for the holidays, you are blown away with aroma that the Christmas Trees bring to the breathtaking building full of greenhouses that have twists and turns that will amaze and delight every visitor that walks through the door.


The Conservatory

The Conservatory is the main indoor gardening space. The decorations that await are ones that you cannot imagine without taking it in for yourself. The main tree stands 18′ and is decorated with plants that draw your eye. I’ts the perfect place to take your family Christmas photo and wow your family and friends with the elaborate space where the tree stands. The live tree made from plants and flowers is arranged in a magnificent way that will keep you in awe and wonder of the artistry that Longwood Gardens Christmas has to display.


Longwood Gardens Christmas

The Amazing Tree decorated with plants sits in the Conservatory on marble flooring covered in water.


Though the Conservatory was amazing and hosted a wonderful Christmas Caroling event, there was so much more to see outside the conservatory. We were amazed by the Birdhouse as well. The Birdhouse is one of two elaborate tree houses that hosted holiday decorations as well as many unique opportunities to explore.


Longwood Gardens Christmas Birdhouse

Though the Conservatory was amazing and hosted a wonderful Christmas Caroling event, there was so much more to see outside the conservatory. We were amazed by the Birdhouse as well. The Birdhouse is one of two elaborate tree houses that hosted holiday decorations as well as many unique opportunities to explore. We climbed high into the sky to peek all around the gardens from atop the tallest tree house on site.

Outside the Birdhouse itself, you have the opportunity to see other features of the area itself including:

  • Holiday Garden Railway
  • Festive Wreath
  • Garden Railway
  • Mini Conservatory at Garden Railway


Watch the Garden Railway in this short video we recorded.


Canopy Cathedral

Though we loved the Birdhouse, we were also enamored by another tree house located across the garden that showcased the natural beauty of our amazing earth. As we sat in awe of the tree outside taking in each ornament and decoration made with natural elements from the earth, we were drawn into the warm space where we felt at home with hope this visit would never end.


Longwood Gardens Christmas

This photo captures the awe inspiring holiday decorations that kept us all hoping the visit wouldn’t end.


While there are many more amazing sites to be seen, we were specifically invited to come and experience a Longwood Gardens Christmas. This unique experience opening just after Thanksgiving and running through early January invites individuals young and old alike to continue to experience the gardens in its glory year round. The decorations were spectacular and all who visited commented on the unique displays and designs that the gardens brought to life. When visiting one could not leave without feeling the beauty of the season.


Tips for enjoying a Longwood Gardens Christmas

With sell out likely, pre-purchasing tickets in advance is recommended. You can begin your adventure in the light of day and end after dark as the gardens boast a half-million lights to illuminate your way. The centerpiece of this extraordinary exhibit is the 18 foot Fraser Fir decorated with real musical instruments. Daily performances add to your experience as you hear the sounds of the holiday season. Indoors, holiday favorites beckon you to stroll through the conservatories and take in the breathtaking sites. Outside, take a moment to relish in the beauty of the open air theater as they dance to holiday music and when you find yourself a little bit chilled, stop to warm up by the fire pit at the Hourglass Lake Pavilion.


We were truly grateful to have the opportunity to visit Longwood Gardens Christmas. It was a day that was filled with Christmas music and Christmas spirit. We cannot begin to share everything we experienced at Longwood Gardens.


View a preview of our Longwood Gardens Christmas photos below. See more in our Facebook Album.



To learn more about Longwood Gardens Christmas visit the Longwood Gardens at their site.


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