Let’s Hit the Ice! Local Hockey Teams to Watch with Your Family

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Let’s Hit the Ice with our local hockey teams!


Ice hockey is a great sport to take children to watch: it’s fast-paced and high-energy. From the second the puck drops, there’s never a dull moment and that’s just what will keep your kids begging for more! My kids recently developed an interest in ice hockey, undoubtedly from overhearing friends talk about their favorite teams at school. We decided to take them to see local hockey teams and they loved it! And what’s not to love? The screaming fans, the players racing down the ice, and don’t forget about the Zamboni! After attending just one game, all of my children couldn’t wait to get back to the arena to see another local hockey game.


We think nothing brings a family together more than cheering for your favorite team. We’ve compiled a list of the best places to take your kids to see an ice hockey game in our area.


local hockey teams



Local Professional Ice Hockey Teams (NHL)


Have your kids been begging to see a professional NHL game? We are lucky enough to have four NHL ice hockey teams play in our local area to choose from. The regular season of professional ice hockey runs from early October to early April. Ticket prices vary; click team website links for schedules and more information.



Local Hockey Teams hockey game watching

Ready to watch some hockey!


Local College Ice Hockey Teams


Looking for the ice hockey experience without the large-scale atmosphere? Check out an ice hockey game at one of these local area colleges. With smaller arenas and less expensive ticket prices, (tickets to a Princeton University Ice Hockey game, for example, generally range between $6 and $10 per person) you can support your local team without breaking the bank. The regular season of college ice hockey runs from September to mid-February. Ticket prices vary; click team website links for schedules and more information.


New Jersey College Ice Hockey Teams

Some colleges may have men’s and women’s ice hockey teams.


Other Local Area College Ice Hockey Teams


local hockey teams Devils hockey game

Go Devils!


Unsure if your kids will have an interest in local hockey teams and want to take a trial run? Contact your local high school and/or community college. Both are more than likely to have an ice hockey team of their own with very inexpensive or free tickets available. Added bonus: smaller arenas mean closer seats for the little ones!


Does your child have an interest in learning how to play ice hockey? See our post on Try Ice Hockey for Free Day!


Still looking for more activities or events to attend with your family? Check out our Jersey Family Fun Calendar of Events!

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