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We received the Little Scholar™ Tablet for kids, at no charge, from School Zone to review for our best tech toys for kids series. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun which allows us to share information about tech toys we think families may enjoy.


In our household, technology can be hard for our preschooler. Being the youngest of three, she often feels left out of certain movies, TV shows, and computer time because sometimes it’s just not appropriate for her age. We as parents often struggle with allowing her to play on our tablets or portable tech devices because we are afraid of what she will see or hear that is too mature for her. When we saw that Little Scholar makes a tablet for kids specifically for children from preschool to first grade, we were over the moon – finally a learning device for that often-overlooked age group!


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Three Things We Think Make the Little Scholar Tablet Great for Your Child:


Outstanding Parental Control

The first thing I look for in a device for my preschooler is how safe it is. She tends to touch any ad, pop-up, or video that shows up on a screen and that’s never a good thing. With the Little Scholar tablet, there is no need to be constantly hovering over her shoulder. The tablet includes a password-protected parent section for app management, a device setting for accessing Wi-Fi, and an app store for additional downloads. By allowing the parents to pick and choose which apps are displayed on the tablet at any given time, it eliminates app overload and allows kids to work on age-appropriate games and activities.


Exciting Content

The Little Scholar™ tablet contains learning apps that enhance math, reading, spelling, and other important skills in your child’s growing mind. The Charlie & Company video series features both live action and animated characters that your kids will love. The Start to Read! program is a great way to get your children to practice reading, and eventually do it themselves, with a three-level series of storybooks. Sing Along Songs with Brian Vander Ark (of the band The Verve Pipe) contains 87 original songs that kids can learn and sing. And the built-in camera can be both rear or forward facing and kids can personalize their photos with silly special effects.


Thoughtful Details

There are a few things about this tablet that made me think, “What an awesome idea!” Easily, my favorite feature on this tablet is a specific app: the A+ Report Card app. This app creates graphs and charts to show you your child’s activity on each Little Scholar program. And I also love the fact that you can download non-School Zone apps to the tablet. (This happens in the handy-dandy parent portal of the tablet mentioned above.) Another great thing about this tablet: there are 150 preloaded apps. 150! This means that there is no need to buy additional apps or cartridges.


Little Scholar Tablet kids USE


Some Other Standout Features of the Little Scholar tablet:

  • 8 inch screen
  • Lithium battery with approx. 7 hours of battery life
  • No credit card required at startup
  • Wi-Fi not required (can be used anywhere!)
  • No partial-version apps
  • Durable construction


The Little Scholar tablet for kids is available on the School Zone website and Amazon for $169.99.


In full disclosure, we received the Little Scholar™ Tablet for Kids at no cost for review. This post also includes some affiliate links. If you use these links to purchase the sets through School Zone, a small portion will go toward maintaining our website at no additional cost to you.



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