Lindenwold Playground at Emerson Avenue – Camden County Parks & Playgrounds

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Lindenwold Playground on Myrtle & Emerson Ave – Camden County County Parks & Playgrounds


A view of the playground equipment

A view of the playground equipment


3 Reasons my Family Loves Lindenwold Playground on Myrtle & Emerson Ave


  • Sometimes you just want to go to the park and not have to worry about where your children are in a maze full of big equipment. With multiple children and different age groups this small playground makes for a perfect day out for a single parent or babysitter to take out multiple children without being worried.


  • This playground is right down the road from the library so it’s a perfect chance to stop by the playground and then head down the road to read a good book at the library. On nice days we like to pair the two and read books at the park after they are tired of running around.


  • The rock climbing wall is the children’s favorite part of the park. It’s has multiple sides so more than one child can be on it at one time.


Another view of the playground

Another view of the playground


What Lindenwold Playground at Myrtle & Emerson Ave offers

  • 5 different slides. One slide that is bumpy, one that is a turning slide, and three slides that are in a row that are three different kinds.
  • rock climbing wall
  • car to sit in and play on
  • see saw
  • set of swings for toddlers
  • set of swings for older children
  • maracas
  • tic-tac-toe board
  • rings to climb through
  • two different things to spin on and hang onto (see pictures on our facebook page for complete details)
  • steering wheels
  • basketball court
  • walking trail around playground


cool rock climbing wall

cool rock climbing wall



The Lindenwold Playground is located at Myrtle & Emerson in Lindenwold in Camden County.


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