Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite Movie Review

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Can Batman and Superman join forces to thwart Lex Luthor’s run for President?


About Lego Batman: The Movie –  DC Super Heroes Unite

When Bruce Wayne receives the Man of the Year award, his billionaire rival, Lex Luthor, jumps into the presidential race and recruits the Joker for his fear-based campaign. His mission: to perfect a Black LEGO® Destructor Ray that will take down Gotham City “brick by brick”. Lex leaves a reluctant Batman™ no choice but to turn to Superman for help.


Lately my 3 year old has been binge watching Lego Ninjago on Netflix.  I am usually half paying attention at the shows he watches but these have been getting my attention for the entertaining characters.  At the Redbox this weekend I found a new Lego movie to watch, so we snatched it up right away.


After all the recent hoopla over Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming Superman movie, how appropriate to watch an already made Batman/Superman movie that does not disappoint!  For those of us raised on the classic Superman and Batman movies, Lego Batman: The Movie –  DC Super Heroes Unite will feel familiar, as the soundtrack includes the classic themes from the older movies.  There are countless appearances by your DC favorites – Riddler, Robin, Catwoman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and more.  Get ready for a Batman movie without the dark, depressing themes, but does not skimp on action.


Lego Batman: The Movie –  DC Super Heroes Unite begins when Bruce Wayne wins a Man of the Year award (besting Lex Luthor) and the Joker interrupts the ceremony, landing in prison.  Lex Luthor is running for president, and frees the Joker to help him win votes using his knowledge of Kryptonite and a gas that will make people love you.  Joker takes the Deconstructor and frees all the Batman villians from Arkham, sending Batman and Robin to the scene.  After needing Superman’s rescue twice, the dry, brooding Batman is joined by the upbeat shiny Superman, leading to some funny moments between the two.  Robin also appears, as Batman’s not quite adult sidekick with issues.  The action doesn’t stop until of course, the villians engage Superman and Batman in an Election Day showdown.  The heroes are then joined by their DC cohorts, Lego-ized!  No spoilers, but could the hero of Gotham and the hero of Metropolis lose?


When my husband got home, my son ran to him to say, “Dad you should see this.  Because it is SO. GOOD.”  And so we settled in for a second viewing!

Lego Batman: The Movie –  DC Super Heroes Unite

  • Introduce your children to (or encourage their love of) the DC Comics Justice League with an age appropriate movie.
  • Get ready to laugh!  There are plenty of jokes that will appeal to kids and older fans of the Superheroes.
  • At 71 minutes it is perfect for short attention spans (but will probably leave you wanting more).


Get ready to break out the Lego sets during or after the movie, and start getting excited for The Lego Movie – out this coming February in theaters!

Lego Batman The Movie:  DC Super Heroes Unite Movie is available on Amazon for rent or purchase.  Get it for the kids, we now you’ll love it as much as we did.



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