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Lebanon Township Memorial Park – Hunterdon County Parks & Playgrounds (with Photos)



Lebanon Township Memorial Park ~ Hunterdon County Parks & Playgrounds

Just north of Voorhees High School is the Lebanon Township Memorial Park which is a perfect oasis for an afternoon picnic or pit stop in Hunterdon County. With many amenities and the beautiful scenery, families are sure to find a way to spend the afternoon or even the entire day.




3 Reasons to Love Lebanon Township Memorial Park and Playground

  • Lebanon Township Memorial Park offers an amazingly unique opportunity to play amid the butterflies. Here at the Lebanon Township Memorial Park, children can run, jump and explore as butterflies dance around them making the magical childhood experience of playing at a park even more magical with these beautiful creatures dancing in and out of their games.


  • One of my favorite New Jersey memories is packing a picnic and visiting Lebanon Township Park. It was Mother’s Day and the statues and monuments scattered around the playground drew me in. My favorite, a peaceful reading monument nestled into tall grasses and beautiful flowers beckoned for me to visit, sit and stay a while. As I sat and watched my children, I reflected on the gift of motherhood, childhood and the freedom to play as children wish. Today, when my kids are having a tough time or I am feeling resentful of that full time job we call being a mom, we visit the park to take some time in contemplation and at peace as a family.


  • With children ranging in age from 3 to 11, finding a park that has opportunities for all my kids can be a challenge. With a playground as well as soccer fields and basketball courts, we can all take the time to play and be together as a family. We also enjoy the paved trails to take a walk and share our “highlight” and “lowlight” moments of our day where we talk about our favorite moments and those moments we wish we could change.




What Lebanon Township Memorial Park offers

  • A wooden play structure
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Picnic tables & benches
  • Mounted ride on toys
  • Climbing wall & structures
  • Multiple Slides
  • Musical Instruments
  • Balance Beams
  • Traditional swings and baby swings
  • Sandbox
  • Tunnels
  • Football Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Paved Walking Paths
  • A variety of bridges for kids to walk across
  • Covered Pavilion
  • Bathroom Facilities




What you also should know about Lebanon Township Memorial Park

  • There is ample parking that is free. However, there is no fence from the parking area to the playground.
  • Soccer fields, football fields and basketball courts are reserved by the Township Programs and cannot be used when they have games.
  • There are restrooms on the property.
  • This is a very sunny playground and park. Be prepared with water and sunscreen.
  • There is a covered pavilion for use. However, it can be reserved for parties and is private during rental times.





Lebanon Township Memorial Park, located in Lebanon Township, Hunterdon County is located at 70 Bunnvale Road, Lebanon NJ 08829. There is no fee to enjoy the parks or playgrounds.


View more Lebanon Township Memorial Park photos in our Facebook Gallery. Here’s a preview.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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