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Learning to Ski At King Pine at Purity Spring Resort

This post was made possible by King Pine Ski Area at Purity Spring Resort, who provided ski lessons, rentals, and lift tickets to make this article possible for our Learn to Ski series.  All opinions are my own.


Learning to Ski King Pine Purity Spring Resort


Would my kids learn to ski?

Skiing can be scary. You attach these big sticks to your legs and then are supposed to ride a chair across the sky before safely getting off and sliding down a hill, possibly unable to stop. Skiing can be overwhelming….but


Skiing can be great family fun!


I missed my chance to learn to ski as a kid, so now as an adult I knew it would be harder. I had all these concerns going into our trip about how I would do and how my boys would do. I also knew my kids, if they knew I was worried about them they would be anxious. As the weeks to our trip came closer I remained positive and psyched them up for our trip. I knew if I let them get too nervous they would be afraid to try.


Every step in our preparation got them more excited and calmed their nerves. Spy Optic ski goggles came, they giggled as they tried them on. The rentable ski clothing from Get Outfitted came. We had fun with a ski clothing fashion show. We watched YouTube videos on skiing and I showed them pictures from the King Pine ski school at Purity Spring Resort.



Getting Started learning to Ski At King Pine Purity Spring Mountain Resort

After our first night’s rest at Purity Spring Resort, we headed downstairs and over to the King Pine ski area and got situated with our ski rentals.


King Pine Ski Area rental equipment


It took a little getting used to having ski boots and skis strapped to our feet. My boys fooled around a bit to get comfortable. We were early for lessons so my husband tried to have them do a few things. ….but then there were falls…. and oh no tears… I thought we were doomed….I thought for sure my boys were going to give up before they even started.


But then they surprised me…..


They dried their tears and headed over to the instructors. Each of my boys was willing to give it a try. My youngest, (7 years old) was matched up with the Knee-Hi program for lessons and my older two (9 and 11 years old) went with the kids’ lessons for beginners. I was just steps away in the area for beginning adults.


Lessons are 60 – 90 minutes depending on the number of students in the class. Group and private lessons are available. It didn’t look like there were more than 6-8 students per class.


Instructors start by dividing up students by their ability level and experience with skiing. My boys were in a smaller group of first time skiers. In the Knee-Hi program, for kids 4-7 years old, students wear a snow bib over their clothing to distinguish them from other skiers. King Pine’s ski teachers start with basic moves, standing up, walking, wedging, etc. Games and activities, like red light green light, keep it fun while the kids learn. Lessons move at the pace kids are learning and divides up when needed. If some children are ready for the next step, an instructor will break off with them. While another will stay behind with the kids who need more time.


King Pine Ski Lessons Knee Hi

Safe & identified as a beginner in his King Pine Ski Knee Hi vest.


What I found especially great were the different areas and ways kids and adults could develop their skiing ability. Once you are comfortable on skis, there is a mini hill you can practice on. Take this small magic carpet ride and practice your skills going down the hill with just enough of a slope to let you practice wedging, turning, and controlling your speed. I’ll admit since I had more difficulty learning I spent a lot of time here… but I was fine with that. I wasn’t falling but I was still learning to control my speed and wedge.


King Pine Ski Area Magic Carpet lift


When you’re ready for the next bit of challenge, King Pine offers a rope pull. Skiers hold onto a rope that pulls them up to the top of a much larger but not too big hill. My 7 year old progressed to this hill and spend most of his time there. He skied down it several times like a pro.


King Pine Ski Area Rope Pull


My two older boys progressed to the chair lift. YES! By their second day of lessons they were taking chair lift rides. I couldn’t believe it and yet was so very proud of them. This was just what my husband was hoping for for them… but I had figured it would take a few more days.


What do my boys have to say about learning to ski at King Pine


My 7 year old

First, we went to the magic carpet. We started to go skiing. It was so fun. My mom wasn’t so good but she was trying. [LOL] My brothers were so good and all made fun. We all had so much fun together.


Coming down the @kingpineski mountain. #LearntoSki #JFFHosted #JFFTravel #ski #skilessons

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My 9 year old

My ski trip to King Pine Ski Area Was so cool. The first time I went up the pull tow I kept falling. And so I started to cry. Then my lesson started and I never cried again.


King Pine Ski Lessons 1


My 11 year old

My ski lessons were very interesting. My teacher, Nick, was very patient with me when I started. After a while, I really got the hang of it. And it as a thanks to my teacher. Whenever I fell, he picked me up. We started with the basic walking with ski boots to being able to go on the lift and that was just after one lesson! During the second lesson we did all the green trails and some blue ones. We even had a race at the end. My favorite part was when we learned to wedge. Wedging is important so you know how to stop. Once you get that down you can start to turn. Now that I have told you about my experience, It is time for you to ADVENTURE!


King Pine Ski Lessons 2


I couldn’t have asked for a better ski lesson for my boys than King Pine ski school at Purity Spring Resort. All though they had lessons both mornings, they never wanted to come in to eat, rest, or do any other activities. I had to insist that they come in for lunch. They were pumped up, excited about what they had learned, and eager to keep putting it to use. While I might have stuck with that little bunny hill, my guys took to the slopes and chair lifts with my skiing husband. It was a big win for this mom and wife and we can’t wait to do it again.


King Pine Ski Area father & Son moment

A father & son moment at King Pine


King Pine’s ski school offers ski lessons for ages 3 and up. A variety of group and private lessons are available. Snowboarding is also available. Visit their ski school for more information.


See our Facebook album for more photos from our experience learning to ski at King Pine Purity Spring Resort. Here’s a preview.


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This post was made possible by King Pine Ski Area at Purity Spring Resort, who provided ski lessons, rentals, and lift tickets to make this article possible for our Learn to Ski series. All opinions are my own.


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