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Learning to Ski At Greek Peak Mountain Resort

This post was made possible by Greek Peak Mountain Resort, who provided ski lessons, rentals, and lift tickets to make this article possible for our Learn to Ski series.  All opinions are my own.


Learning to Ski Greek Peak Mountain Resort


Mission: Chair Lift!

My husband grew up skiing and has wanted to offer the experience to our two children. I never skied, but I always want my children to experience it all, and build as many skills as they can. We decided that at 10 and 6 years old, this was the year to get the kids on skis with skiing lessons! We started out with group lessons at a ski mountain nearby which got the children comfortable on skis. The crowds though, and the extreme cold one day didn’t result in a love of skiing. We were on our way, but not there yet. Until the kids were comfortable on a higher slope and on the chair lift, they were left to ride the bunny hill which got boring (and was crowded). They needed more skill and more concentrated time on the slopes.



When we planned a getaway weekend at Greek Peak Mountain Resort in Cortland New York, we of course wanted to get the children some ski lessons.  I was immediately impressed by the variety of options. Did we want private lessons? For a few hours or half a day? Both kids together? Apart? Ski or snowboard (snowboarding available ages 7 and up)? After a few questions for the Greek Peak Mountain Ski and Ride School staff who were knowledgeable and helpful, we chose to put our two children together in a private, 90 minute ski lesson. Our start time was flexible so we allowed time for breakfast at the lodge, and took a quick shuttle ride over to the mountain from the Hope Lake Lodge.


Getting Started learning to Ski At Greek Peak Mountain Resort

Outdoor activities in the snow require some extras to the wardrobe. You will need to outfit the kids with snow pants and snow boots and accessories like gloves, hats and scarves. If you’re not sure that what you have is good enough, check out Jenn’s experience with Get Outfitted, an affordable clothing rental service. With ski lessons at Greek Peak, students have access to full gear; skis, poles, helmet, boots and goggles. And getting it on is part of the lesson!


Learning to Ski At Greek Peak Mountain Resort

The start of their lesson.


We arrived at the Junior Ski and Ride School building just before our lesson time, and after some registration paperwork the children were off to get their gear. They were paired up with an instructor named Mark, and parents were off duty for about 2 hours! It was a beautiful unseasonably warm day, so my husband took to the slopes while I enjoyed the sun on the deck. From time to time I could see them from my position learning to Ski At Greek Peak Mountain Resort, but I decided to hang back so as not to distract. After about 45 minutes I  ventured out to find the kids and see their progress.


Lessons were busy that day, but no one felt crowded as the learning area is sufficiently spread out. True beginners have one hill, then the intermediate go to the “boardwalk.” Both have a “magic carpet” conveyor belt that brings skiers to the top of the hill, so no tall chair lift just yet. As the students feel comfortable, they are moved to the next area. The progression is helpful to give thorough lessons without rushing the students.


When I found the kids they had just had a snack – provided by the Greek Peak Mountain Resort Ski School! They came back out without coats because the day was so warm. It’s important to feel comfortable during ski lessons, and their instructor made sure throughout that they felt good. The early part of their session taught them stops, working with the poles, and of course, how to properly get up when you fall. He made it fun by playing tag and red light green light. No one complained that they were tired!


A skier down!

A skier down!


The end of learning to Ski At Greek Peak Mountain Resort brought three runs on the Alpha trail (a green trail). They rode the lift up! Mission Chair Lift a success! After the lessons ended the kids kept their equipment on and took some runs with dad. They felt confident, still weren’t tired out, and looked forward to returning at night for some skiing under the lights. Thankfully the Hope Lake Lodge is right across the street and a convenient shuttle service took us back and forth as much as we needed. Don’t miss our review of the Hope Lake Lodge and all it offers.


She's on the lift!

She’s on the lift!


Did we make our kids into skiers? What did our kids have to say about learning to Ski At Greek Peak Mountain Resort?

“I loved going down the mountain!”


“Playing tag was my favorite!” 


Time will tell, but with just 90 minutes with an instructor, we sparked an interest in them, and gave them the confidence to know how to be safe in the snow and have fun! We have nothing but praise for their instructor Mark, who was patient with them and really worked at their ability level. They weren’t rushed, and he even spent a little longer with them out in the snow. Their skill level is such, after the private lesson that they are able to ski with dad, and make those memories we all strive for.




Greek Peak’s Junior Ski and Ride School offers ski lessons for ages 3-14. Half day and full day sessions are available.  Snowboarding is available for 7 and up, and private lessons also available for all ages.


See our Facebook album for more photos from our weekend at Greek Peak Mountain Resort. Here’s a preview.



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This post was made possible by Greek Peak Mountain Resort, who provided ski lessons, rentals, and lift tickets to make this article possible for our Learn to Ski series. All opinions are my own.


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