Help Make Laurie Berkner’s Lullaby Album Possible

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Have you heard about Laurie Berkner’s Kickstarter Campaign to create a Laurie Berkner’s Lullaby Album?

I am beyond excited!


If you’re not familiar, Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects where you get to be a part of the process by pledging a certain amount of money and signing up to back the project. Each project on Kickstarter has a financial goal and a timeframe in which to achieve it. If the project doesn’t reach it’s goal (get funded) within the time frame, you are not charged, but the project also doesn’t get produced and you don’t get your reward.


Laurie Berkner’s lullaby album project is 50% funded with 14 days to go. Her goal is to reach $35,000 by October 28th.


The best way to get excited about this project is to hear from Laurie herself. Check out this video about her project and why you should help fund it.

Why I chose to back Laurie Berkner’s Lullaby Album

  • My family loves Laurie Berkner’s music. We already sing some of her songs at bed time, so a Lullaby Album is a natural addition to our collection.
  • Laurie made quite an impression when we met her backstage at her concert in Princeton last spring. She even sang Happy Birthday to my son and it was such a special memory. He still talks about it. She’s just a really fun, cool person.

  • Now that we are backers for the campaign, we get to watch Laurie’s video journals and learn about the process of making an album. My son loves that Laurie is talking to him and explaining how she makes music.
  • The funding levels were affordable and there are a lot of fantastic rewards to choose from. Everything from advanced digital downloads, to personalized advance CD’s, posters, and t-shirts.
  • Higher reward levels, include incredibly awesome opportunities, like having a Laurie Berkner birthday party or a private concert, or having your kids sing on the album. You can even gift albums to your local children’s hospital.


Feeling inspired to back the Laurie Berkner’s Lullaby Album project too?

  • Visit the Laurie Berkner’s Lullaby Album project page on Kickstarter.
  • Choose your pledge amount.
  • You’ll have to sign up to Kickstarter, either by creating an account or signing in with Facebook.
  • The purchase is made through Amazon Payments, so you’ll also have to sign in with your Amazon account. (This allows your payment to be authorized, but not go through until the project is completely funded).
  • You can change your pledge or reward level if you change your mind.


If you and your family LOVE the Laurie Berkner Band, this is a unique way to contribute to her Lullaby Album, a project that’s sure to be as amazing as the rest of her music.

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