Laurie Berkner’s 6 Themed Digital Albums

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Laurie Berkner

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Laurie Berkner’s 6 Themed Digital Albums

My family has been huge Laurie Berkner fans for years. When we heard she was releasing some of her best songs on 6 themed digital albums we couldn’t wait to download them. These albums include our favorite Laurie Berkner songs and some soon to be new favorites. My kids can’t get enough of these albums and since their digital we can access them anywhere.


All of Laurie’s songs are so great it’s hard to pick a favorite. If we had to choose, my family’s favorite Laurie Berkner song would be “We are the Dinosaurs.” My kid’s crack up every time Laurie falls asleep during the song. And once we hear “Victor Vito” we are singing it for the rest of the day.


But since there are 6 themed albums there are enough songs to provide hours of sing a long fun!


Titles and tracks on the Laurie Berkner themed digital albums:

Laurie Berkner’s Animal Songs


Laurie Berkner

  1. Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz)
  2. The Goldfish
  3. I know a Chicken
  4. Mouse in my Toolbox
  5. Pig on her Head
  6. Party Day
  7. Last Night I Had a Dream
  8. Mister
  9. We are the Dinosaurs
  10. Lots of Little Pigs
  11. Fast and Slow (The Rabbit and the Turtle)
  12. Fireflies
  13. Do the Dragon
  14. Farm Song (That’s What I Did on the Farm)
  15. Good Night


Laurie Berkner’s Classroom Favorites


Laurie Berkner

  1. Bottle Caps
  2. These are My Glasses
  3. I’m Me and You’re You
  4. My Family
  5. The Story of My Feelings
  6. Telephone
  7. One Seed
  8. I’m Not Perfect
  9. BOOTS
  10. What is the Color of My Dreams?
  11. 123
  12. Clean it Up
  13. I’m Going to Catch You
  14. Mahalo


Laurie Berkner’s Food Songs


Laurie Berkner

  1. Victor Vito
  2. Fruit Salad Salsa
  3. Where is the Cake?
  4. I Feel Crazy So I Jump in the Soup
  5. The Pretzel Store
  6. Choc-o-lat in My Pock-o-lot
  7. The Valley of the Vegetables
  8. The Cookie Bakers of the Night
  9. Popcorn Calling Me
  10. (I’m Going to Eat) On Thanksgiving Day
  11. Rhubarb Pie (Hot Commodity)
  12. Ice Cream Cone


Laurie Berkner’s Movement Songs


Laurie Berkner

  1. I’m Gonna Catch You
  2. Monster Boogie
  3.  Balloons
  4. Shakin’ Down the Sugar
  5. All Around My Room
  6. My Energy
  7. Let’s Samba
  8. Sneaks
  9. Balance Beam
  10. I Really Love to Dance
  11. Song in My Tummy
  12. Shake Your Body Down
  13. BOOTS
  14. Five Days Old


Laurie Berkner’s Nature Songs


Laurie Berkner

  1. One Seed
  2. Moon Moon Moon
  3. Walk Along the River
  4. In the Clouds
  5. What Falls in the Fall?
  6. Stars are Shining
  7. Just Like the Sun
  8. All the Planets
  9. After it Rains
  10. Can you Imagine?
  11. Like a Seashell
  12. Running Down the River
  13. Under a Shady Tree


Laurie Berkner’s Transportation Songs


Laurie Berkner

  1. Rocketship Run
  2. The Airplane Song
  3. Fast and Slow (The Rabbit and the Turtle)
  4. Drive My Car
  5. Magic Box
  6. Trucks
  7. One More Stop on the Train
  8. Pillowland
  9. Blow a Kiss


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Laurie Berkner’s 6 Themed Digital Albums

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