Lake Musconetcong Park – Sussex County Parks and Playgrounds

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lake musconetcong park


Lake Musconetcong Park – Sussex County Parks & Playgrounds


lake musconetcong park


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3 Reasons to Love the Lake Musconetcong Park


  • Separate play structures for older and younger children. There is a larger play structure designed for children ages 5-12. It includes bigger slides and more challenging climbing equipment. There is also a smaller play structure for children under 5. This area provided safer climbing and play opportunities for my 4 year old.


  • It’s small enough to keep an eye on everyone! There may be separate play structures for older and younger kids but it’s still easy to keep an eye on everyone. There are benches in between both sections, so parents can easily sit there and have a good view of older and younger children.


  • Lake Musconetcong! Directly across the street is access to the lake. It is very easy to walk right up to the lake and watch boats or ducks swimming in the lake. There are also picnic benches near the lake. Next time we visit we will be sure to pack a picnic lunch to eat next to the lake.


lake musconetcong park


What Lake Musconetcong Park offers

  • 2 different playground structures, one for older and younger kids 2 – 5 and a bigger structure for ages 5-12.
  • Picnic tables & benches
  • Mounted ride on toys
  • Climbing wall & structures
  • Multiple Slides
  • Traditional swings, and baby swings
  • Activity games
  • Small table with benches for pretend play
  • “Spotting Scope” for pretend play


lake musconetcong park


Lake Musconetcong Park is located at 46 Musconetcong Rd in Stanhope. There is no fee to enjoy the parks or playgrounds.


The park is open daily from 8:00 AM to Sunset.


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  1. Felix says:

    I will be coming to this park this weekend. I would like to know where the parking is located for your park. Thanks.

  2. Howard says:

    Is their a place to launch a kayak at the park ?

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