Koradigo Cove Pirate Park – Ocean County Parks & Playgrounds

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Koradigo Cove Pirate Park- Ocean County Parks & Playgrounds


Koradigo Cove Pirate Park

Koradigo Cove Pirate Park


3 Reasons my Family Loves Koradigo Cove Pirate Park

  • A huge wooden pirate ship for kids to play on. The pirate ship has slides, towers, ramps, musical instruments and even a look out!  My son was so impressed with the ship that he didn’t want to explore the rest of the park. 
  • A separate fenced in toddler playground, which has a mini climber, bucket swings and a wooden climbing train. My toddlers loved climbing on the wooden train and swinging on the tire!
  • The park is surrounded by a wooden fence. Only one way in and out! If you have toddlers like I do it’s a blessing!


Koradigo Cove Pirate Park

Koradigo Cove Pirate Park


What Koradigo Cove Pirate Park offers

  • wooden pirate ship climber
  • handicap red chair swings
  • large top climbing struture
  • rope wall
  • ladders
  • tires to climb
  • ramps
  • stairs
  • hanging wooden ladders
  • corkscrew pole
  • wooden train
  • small buildings for pretend play
  • call boxes
  • stage
  • bucket swings
  • regular swings
  • walking paths
  • spider-web climbing structure
  • small toddler climbing structure
  • gazebo
  • tunnels
  • huge parking lot


Koradigo Cove Pirate Park

Koradigo Cove Pirate Park



The Koradigo Cove Pirate Park is located at Bengal Way in Barnegat in Ocean County. 


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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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