Kidz Bop Kids “Dream Big Sing Loud!” Concert Review

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This post was sponsored by Kidz Bop. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about family concerts in New Jersey we think your family may enjoy.


 Kidz Bop Kids LIVE at the Wellmont Theater Review


So happy to be with the Kidz Bop Kidz!

So happy to be with the Kidz Bop Kidz!

On Friday, June 27th, Jersey Family Fun was treated to one FUN concert featuring the 5 Kidz Bop Kids! Kidz Bop is the #1 music brand for kids. As part of their Dream Big Sing Loud! tour, the Kidz are touring through mid August, and then will pick it up again weekends through November! These five super talented kids range in age from 10-12, and worked hard to get to be a Kidz Bop Kid. The current Kidz Bop kids are Bredia, Grant, Jayna, Ashlynn, and NJ local, Matt Martinez!


I brought my 8 year old daughter and her 8 and 6 year old friends. It was great to be able to bring them to a concert where not only will they know all the words to the songs, but they won’t be singing along with anything that’s too mature for them. The energy in the beautiful Wellmont Theater was high when we entered and NY Knicks/KIDZ BOP Winner, Claire Kwon was on stage singing her heart out! J and L Dance Center from North Bergen entertained the crowd with high energy dance routines that really got the audience out of their seats. The final opening act was Eva Agathis, former Kidz Bop kid and Far Hills resident. She sang some original songs and one of our favorites, “Problem.” She was also a perfect MC who got the crowd ready for the main act – the Kidz Bop kids!

What DOES the fox say?

What DOES the fox say?


And when those Kidz came out, we were out of our seats! Popular hits such as “I Don’t Care, I Love It,” “Roar,” and “Wrecking Ball” were familiar to us from Kidz Bop 25. From the soon to be released Kidz Bop 26, we heard and sang along with “Story of My Life,” “Timber,” and “Happy.”  In all we were dancing and singing to 18 of today’s hit songs! The Kidz were great singers of course, but the dancing and costuming was professional as well. The budding stars I brought with me were mesmerized by the talent and the work they obviously put in to knowing the songs and routines.


But that wasn’t all – Matt showed off his drumming talent, and Matt and Grant busted some dance moves during a fun glow stick segment. So much fun also when 5 parents came on stage to show off their skills during Gangnam Style! Kids in the audience got their turn on stage during The Fox. Tweets were shown on a screen on the stage, and one of ours with a picture made it up there!

There's our tweet can you see it?

There’s our tweet can you see it?

We had a lot of fun, and thanks to Kidz Bop, we were able to meet them after the show. The girls were giddy and singing on the way home. We had a memorable night!!


For more pictures of the Dream Big Sing Loud! Kidz Bop Tour at the Wellmont Theater, see our Facebook albumFor more information read our previous Kidz Bop blog posts or visit You can also view our Kidz Bop videos on our You Tube Channel.


In full disclosure, this post is sponsored by Kidz Bop. Jersey Family Fun received tickets to attend the show. Jersey Family Fun’s review is honest and based on our experience at the show.


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