20 Things to do at Kartrite Resort With Kids of All Ages

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The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark, in the Catskills, is the newest family resort to hit the Northeast Region. It boasts of having the largest indoor waterpark in New York. But there’s more to this New York family resort than waterslides.


As we found out during our complimentary stay, Kartrite offers all kinds of indoor activities. Gaming, climbing, bowling, crafts and more… there’s something for everyone in the family from the toddlers to the parents, so plan your budget accordingly. Thankfully, we did. We gave you a glimpse of some of the activities offered in our The Ultimate Mom’s Guide to Visiting The Kartrite Resort With Kids & Teens, but in this story we’re focusing on the things to do at Kartrite Resort with kids of all ages. These are activities that families will be able to say YES, we call can do something together at Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark.


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Additional upcoming articles will focus in on the specific activities for preschoolers, tweens, and teenagers. 


10 Things to do at Kartrite Waterpark With Kids

To see how the Kartrite Waterpark looks in person watch our video below.

Water play areas for all heights and ages

  • Kartrite Island is the water playground and sprayground for The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark. It offers a massive bucket drop of water and over 100 water activities where kids can play under water, drop or spray water on others, or ride waterslides. The area offers zero entry into the water and it never got deeper than my ankles. This water play area offers 3 water slides.
    • 1 wide open water slidethat looks like a traditional slide, but with water. It is low to the ground with no twists and turns.
    • 2 enclosed water tunnel slides that twist and turn, one on the first level. The other is up on a third level and twists three times before it reaches the end.
    • 1 other open water slide. It starts at the third level and twists 3 times before reaching the end.

Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark Kartrite Island in the waterpark


  • Cannon Ballers is the Kartrite waterpark pool area for playing basketball in the water. It was my 14 year old teenager’s favorite area. The area is 3.5 feet deep with steps to enter. It offers 3 basketball hoops and balls in two sizes. It is also handicap accessible.


Kids can play water basketball at the Cannon Ballers at Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark

Kids can play water basketball at the Cannon Ballers.


  • Puddle Ducks is an area designated for preschoolers and the littlest of guests of Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark. Zero entry, showering fountains, colorful slides, and playful water areas will lure in your children. Even the domes of water were too much for my 10 year old and 13 year old. They couldn’t help themselves; they crawled under them and had fun playing with the water.


Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark puddle ducks and water domes

Even your older children may find themselves drawn to the water domes in Puddle Ducks.


  • Endless Summer Flowrider is where Kartrite guests can ride the waves. Guests can ride for as long as they can stay on the board. This looks like such fun, but my kids wouldn’t try it. I did like how the lifeguards were working with each kid to help them learn how to surf, but it still didn’t help me convince my boys to be brave enough to try it.
    • 42″ Minimum Height Requirement
    • 1 guest per board
Ride the Endless Summer Flowrider at Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark Endless Summer Flowrider

Ride the Endless Summer Flowrider


Water play areas for heights of 42″ and taller

  • The Later Gator Crossing is where guests can travel across log pieces and lily pads to get to the other side. There are 6 pieces in all. I found the rope to be lower than I’ve seen at other waterparks. For little kids this should make it easier for them to cross. For my one of my teenagers, who thought his height would help him, it made it more challenging for him to hold on. He fell off a time or two while his little brother stayed on everytime.
    • 48″ Minimum Height
    • 1 passenger is allowed across the pads at a time.

Waterslides for all heights and ages

From the toddlers to adults, The Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark offers waterslides for all ages and heights.


Waterslides for heights of 42″ and taller

  • The Jiggerty-Jaggerty waterslides at the Kartrite waterpark are their mat races. You can slide alone or race against the guest in the tube next to you. My youngest described the two slides as being identical in all ways. He said sometimes you can look to the side and see the other person you are racing against. My younger teenager (13 years old loved it because he could race against his brother and beat him). Portions of this waterslide are enclosed tunnels and other portions are open.
    • There are 4 flights of steps to the platform where this waterslide is located.
    • 42″ Minimum Height Requirement
    • Riders use a mat on this waterslide.
    • 1 Passenger Per Ride
    • There are 2 Jiggerty-Jaggerty waterslides
Race the Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark waterslide Jiggerty Jaggerty with mats.

Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark mat waterslide called the Jiggerty-Jaggerty.


Waterslides for heights of 48″ and taller

  • The Krakken is one of two tube waterslides at The Kartrite. It’s a closed tunnel waterslide with twists and turns. The slides goes outside of the building before returning back into the building. There are three areas along the waterslide’s path where you might get pulled into a bowl-like area and spin around before exiting towards the bottom. Just a note, the more weight on the tube the bigger splashes and faster speed you’ll have on the slide. With my son we didn’t go too fast and there were no big splashes at the end. With my husband, there definitely was a big splash when we hit the end. My 10 year old’s review of this waterslide is that he “liked the Krakken because it has parts that make big loops. There are a lot of bumps so hold on.”From one of my teenagers, “The pink waterslide has three big circles that make you build up speed. That made it very fast. I like how speedy it gets. My little brother and me went sooooo fast.” The Krakken was his favorite.
    • There are 4 flights of steps to the platform where this waterslide is located.
    • Riders use a double or single tube on this waterslide.
    • 48″ Minimum Height Requirement
    • 1-2 Passengers Per Ride
    • There is one Krakken waterslide open. It looks like they are still developing a second one.
Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark waterslide

Ride the Krakken with your kids.


  • The Nor’Easter is The Kartrite waterpark’s family raft ride. It was one of my favorites. You start the ride with a big drop before sliding up a very high wall (it doesn’t go up as high as it looks.) In the raft, you’ll go up that wall before sliding back down then through the tube to a shallow pool of water at the end. My youngest son (the 10 year old) said, “The four-person slide is so cool because there is a big drop. Then, there is a wall you go up and then down.” Truth be told, he also got a kick out of hearing me scream on the way down. He said the Nor’Easter was his favorite because we could ride that one as a family. My 13 year old son said, “You start with a big drop, then you fly up the side and then back down. My family and I got really high after the drop, that was the best part. We also went really fast.”
    • There are 5 flights of stairs to the platform where this waterslide is located.
    • Riders use rafts that are brought to the top with a conveyor belt.
    • 48″ Minimum Height Requirement
    • 2 or 4 Passengers Per Ride
NorEaster waterslide at Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark

How high will you go on the NorEaster?


  • Time Warp is another tube waterslide at The Kartrite Indoor Waterpark. It’s similiar to the Krakken in that it’s a closed tunnel waterslide, but it doesn’t have as many bowl-like areas to spin around in. The majority of the tubing is also on the outside of the Kartrite building. My 10 year old’s said, ” I like the orange slide because it has a part where it is a whirlpool. You can go really fast on this ride.” My 13 year old described it as, “an orange slide that starts off with a huge drop. That made it very fun. The huge drop gives you a lot of speed. It takes you to a giant funnel. When you are in the funnel, you get sucked into the middle.”
    • There are 4 flights of steps to the platform where this waterslide is located.
    • Riders use a double or single tube on this waterslide.
    • 48″ Minimum Height Requirement
    • 1-2 Passengers Per Ride
Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark waterslides

The Nor’ Easter and the Jiggerty-Jaggerty waterslides.


During our visit, we also saw two not-named and yet-to-be opened Kartrite waterslides. When we asked about them a lifeguard told us it was up to guest feedback what those rides would become. She explained they would be either single rides or family rides. If you have an opinion go let The Kartrite know on their Facebook page. 


Other areas to explore in The Kartrite Waterpark for all ages

  • Empire Bay is Kartrite’s version of a lazy river. Float along the river and relax and enjoy the ride through the plants and manmade waterfalls. Take a tube for one or share a double tube with a kid. Watch out for the leaky leaves and waterfall. While the leaves will only ‘leak’ water on you, you could get stuck under the waterfall and get drenched.
    • 48” Minimum Height
    • Riders use a double or single tube on this lazy river.
Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark lazy river Empire Bay

Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark Empire Bay – Be careful of the waterfall.


10 Things to do at Kartrite Resort With Kids

Kartrite Resort amenities for all ages

Take advantage of the special events and activities available for hotel guests.

These were some of the special activities going on during our visit

  • Duck Scavenger Hunt
  • Family Candy Bingo
  • Erik’s Reptile Adventures
  • Donut Decorating
  • Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt
  • Pictures with the Easter Bunny
  • Character Meet & Greets
  • Sand Art
  • Candy Bingo
  • Brains & Brawn Challenge
  • Family Game Night
One of the activities Kartrite offers for an additional activity is donut decorating.

One of the activities Kartrite offers for an additional activity is donut decorating.


Play at the outdoor playground. Walk the beam. Climb the spiderweb. Crawl over or through the tunnel.

Outdoor kartrite playground

Lounge around on the outside deck.

The Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark outdoor lounge chair


7 Kartrite Resort indoor activities for all ages at the Playopolis

Everything your kids could possibly want for a day of excitement is all on the lower level of The Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark. If the waterpark wasn’t enough The Kartrite offers arcade games, bowling, air hockey, billards, crane games, rock wall climbing, laser tag, a ropes course with zip line, two virtual reality experiences, and a dark ride. On your traditional arcade games kids can earn tickets to redeem for prizes in The Vault. You’ll need to purchase a rechargeable game card in order to play, but that card will also store your tickets. We list some pricing information for these activities below, but always check the Kartrite website here for the most up-to-date information and specials.

  • Whether it’s the classic ones you enjoyed as a child or the latest interactive learning games, the Kartrite arcade offers games for 1-4 players.
    • The arcade games costs 4-10 credits.
    • Some experience-type virtual reality games will cost more.
The Kartrite Resort arcade is part of an area called the Playopolis.

The Kartrite Resort arcade is part of an area called the Playopolis.


  • Van Winkle’s Alley is where kids and adults can bowl. It is a little smaller than the standard bowling alley, but has 4 lanes for play. And check out these luxurious couches. Kids can also play with bumpers up or down.
    • Open to any age that can bowl.
    • Kids can play with or without bumpers.
    • This activity costs $6 or 24 credits.
Kartrite Resort Van Winkle's Alley is where kids and adults can bowl.

Bowl with the kids at Van Winkle’s Alley.


  • Carabiners is unlike any indoor ropes course I’ve seen before. You can’t miss it! As you walk towards the Kartrite Indoor Waterpark, the ropes will be suspended overhead. The course starts out going one story up to a platform. From there, climbers can go in two different directions. Then, there’s maybe 12 platforms with multiple ways to cross between them. Swing from one to another. Walk across a rolling beam. Wrap yourself around one bar to get to the next. Step from a floating hexagon to another one. Zip across the floor while others watch from the ground. It’s part obstacle course, part ropes course, part zipline and all fun. Kids can cross and climf from one platform to the next for up to 15-minutes.
    • Participants must be 48″ tall to go alone or 42″ if accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.
    • This activity costs $12 or 48 credits.
Kartrite Resort and indoor waterpark ropes course carbiners

Walking across a rolling beam like a champ.


  • The Skyscraper Climbing Wall presents kids and adults with 3 unique climbing walls: a wall with curves, a wall with blocks, and a zig zag wall with LED lights. Climb one or all. Climb to challenge yourself or another kid. Get to the top to ring that bell and then glide back down to the bottom. Climber Guides are on hand to help even the most timid climber.
    • Participants must be 40″ or taller and 6 years or older.
    • This activity costs $7 or 28 credits.

Watch our video of my 10 year old climbing the walls of Skyscraper and then his review.


  • The Dark Side takes you into a 3D adventure (or should we say, XD theater adventure)! Strap into the seats and select your own adventure: Haunted Mine 6D, Dino Safari, The Adventures of Jett and Jin, or Canyon Coaster. We chose the Dino Safari. When it started it was clear that our ‘seats’ were set in a jeep. We raced through scenes that looked like something out of Jurassic Park. At times, dinosaurs crashed through our windshield. We swirved this way and that to avoid becoming a meal for the dinosaurs. We heard the roaring, felt the wind through our hair, and narrowly avoided being eaten.
    • Open to any age that can remain seated and belted in.
    • This activity costs $7 or 28 credits.
Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark Dark Side Ride

What adventure will you choose on the Dark Side ride?


  • Battle your family in AmazeQuest. Kartrite’s Laser Tag Gear is unlike any laser tag you’ve played before. My older teenager describes it like this.“I had the chance to play a more advanced version of laser tag. This version of laser tag was more customized and granted more opportunities to score points. The players could target and destroy the other team’s base and other obstacles (not just players) for points. You could also get certain power ups to help you in a sticky situation. I enjoyed this unique version and I am sure others will love this new spin on laser tag.” What I most appreciated about the game, is the fact that your laser vest never runs out of bullet. Time is not wasted by having to run back to a base to power up. The entire experience is 15 minutes including the instructions, warm up, and actual play time.
    • Open to any age that can wear the Laser Tag gear.
    • This activity costs $12 or 48 credits.
Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark laser tag

A look inside the Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark laser tag activity called


  • Don’t just play a game, be in the game! The Virtual Reality experience lets you do that. Nonparticipants can watch guests play on different screens and in person. It was my 14 year old who played this virtual reality game at The Kartrite. He stepped in suited up and came out declaring it AWESOME. I’ll let him explain it.

    “At the Kartrite arcade and games area, I had the chance to play with the VR system they had there. The VR game displayed was Beat Saber. Beat Saber is a game that requires quick-timed dodges and strikes. Beat Saber is played by using sticks of light (like lightsabers) to hit targets in time with the beat of a song. Needless to say, doing it in VR, was exhilarating and tiring. However, I greatly enjoyed playing It, and would do so again. I think others will enjoy it too.”

    • This activity costs $12 or 48 credits.
    • Open to any age that can stand in one place for a 7-10 minutes to play while wearing virtual reality head gear.


Want to know more about The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark?

Visit these articles on Jersey Family Fun. (Once the articles have been published, the titles will be clickable.)

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