Dinosaur Lovers Rejoice! Jurassic World is Here!

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This post was sponsored by Comcast Xfinity, who provided us with tickets to an advanced screening of Jurassic World. We thank them for their support of Jersey Family Fun and Jenn Gaffney for attending on behalf of Jersey Family Fun.


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Jurassic World


Dinosaur lovers rejoice! It is finally here the moment that all of the Jurassic fans have been waiting for.  Jurassic World debuts this Friday, June 12th and is everything that you could imagine. Thanks to Comcast NBCUniversal we had the opportunity of getting a first look at this film last week.


Jurassic World is a fully functioning theme park that would be everything that John Hammond would have imagined and more. The theme park features many larger than life attractions that are out of this world. However, having 10 years of declining attendance, something needs to be done to revive the park.


Corporate demands an attraction that’s BIGGER, BADDER, and SCARIER! With Dr. Henry Wu (B. D. Wong) still on staff as the chief geneticist that heads the team that creates the dinosaurs, a new genetically modified species is almost ready for it’s debut. That is until something goes wrong!


Watch as Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) the Velociraptor trainer/behavior specialist has to assist Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) the park operations manager take back the park. Which is difficult on it’s own without having to find Claire’s nephews, Zach & Gray.


To say this film is action packed is an understatement. From the time it starts until the time it closes you are on a wild ride. There were moments where I had to remind myself to breathe, as I was holding my breath from all the excitement. Truth be told there were even moments when I watched it from under my cardigan and even jumped out of my seat. It was EPIC!


By far it was my favorite of the Jurassic films.  They did an incredible job picking up where we last left off and left it open for another movie.  I loved absolutely everything about the film and have to say I walked out thinking I have to go see it again.  The action packed scenes does make me question at what age a child would be ready to see this film.  Depending on your child’s maturity and scare threshold there is a lot to be considered. I would suggested an older child around the 10-12 year old range would enjoy, any younger I’d be worried that they would be too scared.


This is a definite must see and not to be missed! Check out Jurassic World online to see more information.  There’s a Park Map, Park Cam, and ability to Plan Your Visit providing for lots of fun and insight before seeing the film.


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