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Do you remember the first time you saw Jurassic Park? Were you scared? Were you excited? Did you want to touch a dinosaur too? Now you can (or at least feel like it.)


About Jurassic Park 3D

Huge advancements in scientific technology have been able to create an island full of living dinosaurs. John Hammond has invited four individuals, plus his two grandchildren to join him at Jurassic Park. But will everything go to plan? Especially when one of the parks own workers attempt to steal the dinosaurs embryos, and have to shut down all the electricity in the process. It’s now a race for survival with everyone located all over the island.


I got the opportunity to see Jurassic Park’s advanced screening at Loew’s Theater in Cherry Hill.

I took my 2.5 year old, 4-year-old, and 7-year-old to go see Jurassic Park. I thought to myself “Is this too scary of a movie?” “Is this too long of a movie?” “Will they enjoy this movie?” Luckily, I prepared them ahead of time explaining what the movie was about and telling them the important spoilers. I told them “No, Jurassic Park is not real, there is no place where real dinosaurs live, they are still extinct.”


It had honestly been a long, long time since I had seen this movie. I was about their age when it originally came out and watched it on television with commercials so I was pretty excited to see the whole movie. I ended up being very happy. I enjoyed seeing the movie, and so did they! The movie included two curse words total that I happened to catch, and they never took notice. There was only one really bloody scene which included the dinosaur eating another animal. It’s explained that he’s  a meat-a-saurs (carnivore) and has to eat the animal to live. A few people do die in the movie, however each of their scenes are vague and cut off to another scene.


All-in-all my family enjoyed the movie, they loved the fact that it was 3D because they could reach up and “touch” the dinosaurs and the dinosaur bones. The movie is a 2-hour-movie but honestly does not feel like 2-hours. The movie is action packed and goes at a great pace. There are two children in the movie, which of course my children thought was really cool.


Jurassic Park 3D included lots of messages:

  • The movies biggest message is that “nature will find a way”. Despite humans trying to intervene and create a perfect world where dinosaurs and humans can co-habitat in a controlled environment, it simply can not happen.
  • Good trumps evil.
  • When we do something we should always take steps and precautions and not just jump into it. Research is very important. One should know what they are getting involved with. The people that created Jurassic Park had limited knowledge and went solely based off of another person’s research.  (Who else in the movie made a plan and wasn’t adequately prepared and didn’t do a test run of the plan?)
  • Sometimes animals become extinct for a reason.
  • Money is not everything and should not be the first thing someone thinks about.
3 happy campers after seeing the advanced screening of Jurassic Park 3D at Loews Theater in Cherry Hill

3 happy campers after seeing the advanced screening of Jurassic Park 3D at Loews Theater in Cherry Hill


Go see Jurassic Park 3D with the family, we know you’ll love it as much as we did.



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In full disclosure, we were provided with tickets to the advanced screening of Jurassic Park 3D to make our review possible. As always, our opinions are honest and based on our own experiences with the movie.


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