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Jungle Jim


My children and I recently were asked to review the pilot for the children’s show, “Jungle Jim, A Musical Wildlife Adventure” and share our honest opinions about this Amazon show for kids. I have a 7 year-old daughter, 5 year-old daughter, and 2 year-old son; all of my children enjoyed the show. With it’s fun characters, bright colors, and original music, there is literally something for every age group.


In the pilot Jungle Jim, A Musical Wildlife Adventure, Jungle Jim meets several animal friends, Stripes the tiger, Scratch the porcupine, Dash the cheetah, and Flip the monkey, who all decide to join Jungle Jim on his adventures around the world, where they learn about other animals through songs and real live wildlife footage. Throughout this 15 minute trailer, catchy songs are introduced. The music simultaneously entertains and educates young viewers on things like “camouflage” and the various ways that animals in the wild can protect themselves against predators, such as the quills of a porcupine.


While my children recognized the playful and lively content of Jungle Jim, A Musical Wildlife Adventure, especially of the songs in this episode, I, as a parent, can appreciate that it is at the same time, undoubtedly educational, however inconspicuous.  Listening to my 5 year old sing about the characteristics of a cheetah hours after viewing this program is sure proof of that!


Jungle Jim, A Musical Wildlife Adventure

My 5 year old especially loved the character Flip, the monkey


My 2 year-old son seemed to love the music the most, as he bopped along with the beat. My 5 year-old daughter really loved the character Flip, as, like many kids her age, monkeys are her current favorite animal. My 7 year-old enjoyed the clips showing animals in the wild, which is where a lot of the most educational parts of the show come in. As a parent, I always appreciate television shows that incorporate true education into enjoyable stories that are able to hold my children’s attention. It is an added bonus when a program like “Jungle Jim”, can be of interest to children of various ages, so there is no need to argue over what to watch!


Jungle Jim, A Musical Wildlife Adventure

Jungle Jim spies a butterfly!


I would recommend “Jungle Jim, A Musical Wildlife Adventure” to anyone who has children. This family friendly program is appropriate for children of all ages, unlike many popular programs that are marketed toward children today. The themes, content and loveable Jungle Jim characters are sure to be a hit with your whole family. I am hopeful that families everywhere will have the chance to enjoy this pilot, so my children and I can see more episodes of “Jungle Jim” in the near future! I can only imagine what kind of adventures he and his animal friends will get into next!


Jungle Jim, A Musical Wildlife Adventure

Jungle Jim and two bald eagles


More about Jungle Jim, A Musical Wildlife Adventure

Jungle Jim was created by Steven Wagner. Every night before bed his children would want to read books about animals and talk about them. Steve woke up one morning with an idea for a musical animal show, and has since been developing the concept so that he can help kids everywhere satisfy their curiosity about animals. Steven’s brother Eric, who is a musician, wrote and produced all the music. Eric is also all the voices of the animal except Dash the Cheetah. Jungle Jim is voiced by Eric’s son.


Jungle Jim


Jungle Jim, A Musical Wildlife Adventure Special Reader Offer

If YOU leave a review on Amazon and send an email to info@junglejimmusic.com, with a link to your Amazon review, the company will mail your kids a FREE DVD of the 15 minute pilot. You and your children can watch Jungle Jim’s 15 minute pilot on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gYGRwD.



This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Jungle Jim – A Musical Wildlife Adventure. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

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