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This post was made possible by Sight & Sound Theatre who provided us with complimentary tickets to #Joseph2015. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about family friendly Lancaster attractions we think your family may enjoy for family vacations. This article was written by former writer, J.G. who is no longer with Jersey Family Fun.


To say this was one of our favorite performances we have ever seen is an understatement.  Last weekend, we decided to spend the day in Lancaster because we had tickets to see Joseph at the Sight & Sound Theatre, honestly we weren’t really sure what to expect. While we are Catholic, we aren’t very active within our church. We also were concerned about how engaging it would be for our 2 year old. We had no idea exactly how powerful and engaging the show would be, and we were blown away.


Sight & Sound Theatre in Lancaster PA


Once we arrived we were awe-struck by not only how gorgeous the theatre was, but by how huge it was. We arrived early and Abby was still sleeping. I took that opportunity to explore a bit while Billy stayed in the car with her.






While I explored I found quiet little tucked away spaces around the theater which looked like great places to rest or have a picnic. They were situated right near the abundant bus parking. I was glad I decided to explore because about 15 minutes later the crowds let out, then everyone for the 2:45 show started to arrive.




We entered and we were all taken back by the elaborate display for their upcoming show Samson. Once we saw that we knew to expect some great things.


Our seats were perfect. The tiers were great because Abby was able to see. We had a seat for her just in case she wanted her own space and did not want to be on our laps. In all honesty I could not imagine there’s being a bad seat in the house. The stage was huge.


Joseph at Sight & Sound Theatre in Lancaster PA


She got a bit antsy before it started but I chalked that up to her being grumpy from us waking her up and nothing happening at the moment.


They had a cute skit with an actor in the audience about what not to do during their performance, such as photos or videos, etc. They explained that Joseph was their interpretation of biblical events with added scenes and moments for dramatization. Then our attention was completely grabbed when we saw 3 goats chase the actor onto the stage.


It was then time for the show to begin. Visually they had the most amazing sets. Every scene was absolutely stunning. You were immersed into the performance since the stage literally surrounded you. The acting and vocal talent was outstanding.


We were captivated, even Abby was, the entire show. All two and a half hours of it. They had original music, beautiful dream sequences, and vivid bright colors. There were even many animals involved in the production. Abby squealed with delight as soon as she saw the horses and camels. Here’s a short trailer for it.



One thing I definitely did not expect was to be so “moved” by this powerful story. There were many times I could see the teachings of faith that my Poppy used to speak to me about. Especially on forgiveness, the power of forgiveness and how he followed in the Lord’s path.


At one point towards the end I looked over at Billy and both of us just had tears streaming down our face because of how powerful their message was.


I know that this show was beyond incredible when days later Abby kept asking me questions I couldn’t quite understand. She is 2 and sometimes she groups words together and she has “gremlin speak” as I call it. But I was able to translate it, she kept saying “Mommy, Joseph was flying!” and “Mommy why Joseph sad? Why Joseph crying?”  Even now, days later, she’s still talking about it. It has definitely left a lasting impression on all of us. We cannot wait to return for another show.


To Purchase Tickets for Joseph

If you are interested in seeing this original production before it is too late you have until October 17th. We would even see it again if we weren’t booked up all weekends. Visit Joseph’s show page on their site to purchase your tickets online.  For ages 13+ the cost is $67 per ticket, and from 3 – 12 the cost is $21.  The address of the theatre is: 300 Hartman Bridge Road – Ronks, PA 17572.


About the Sight & Sound Theatre in Lancaster

The name “Sight & Sound” was inspired by the teaching of Jesus found in Matthew 13:10-23. The disciples asked Jesus why he spoke to the people in parables or stories. Jesus replied that even though people were seeing, they did not really see. Even though they were hearing, they did not truly hear or understand what they heard.


It is their goal to visualize and dramatize Biblical truth through live stage productions – to illustrate truth in the same way that Jesus did, by storytelling. Their desire is that their audience will gain clear understanding and inspiration through these presentations, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and deepen their relationship with our Father through Him.


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In full disclosure we were provided with tickets to make this review possible. All opinions are our own based on our experience.

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