Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital Playmobil Playroom

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Joseph M. Sanzari Children's Hospital Playmobil Playroom


Playmobil is just one of those toy brands – identifiable characters, quality products enjoyed by generations. With happy faces and play themes such as city, sports, dollhouse, and pirates, there is something for every child. We recently discovered the NHL hockey sets and they are our new favorites. The 1, 2, 3 sets for smaller hands do hold a special place in our memories however. One of the first toy brands your little one is familiar with is those friendly Playmobil faces.




Jersey Family Fun was recently invited to be a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Playmobil Playroom at the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at HackensackUMC. A project in the making for two years, the company was approached by the development office of the Children’s Hospital to renovate an existing playroom in the outpatient area. The end product is one that will undoubtedly bring comfort to pediatric patients and their families! Children coming to the hospital for appointments and treatments have something different and special to look forward to! There’s a life size Playmobil astronaut to welcome families to the room. The walls have bright Playmobil scenes and there’s no shortage of play possibilities. Children have four kid size Playmobil designed play tables to choose from – each FILLED with sets from the toddler friendly 1, 2, 3 line. Playmobil USA has committed to keeping the room replenished with the latest sets, so that patients will always find something new, something of interest.




Toys are of course important in children’s development and social skills. When you give a sick or upset child a toy, it can calm and distract them while the doctors do what they need to. For children who have to come to the hospital often, the playroom and its colorful and fun toys can be something to look forward to. The patients may need to endure treatments and exams and this playroom gives them the opportunity to just be a kid. We love this idea so much that we donated our our new Playmobil set we were gifted to a children’s hospital where a family friend is receiving treatment.


We love when companies give back and Playmobil USA’s partnership with HackensackUMC is an example of a great New Jersey company helping a top New Jersey hospital to brighten lives that deserve it. While this is the first Playmobil Playroom, it’s hopefully not the last from this philanthropic company.



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