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Joe Palaia Park – Monmouth County Parks & Playgrounds

Joe Palaia Park – Monmouth County, NJ – Parks & Playgrounds


joe palaia park

 On a recent visit, we were able to spy some deer feeding in the meadow at Joe Palaia Park.



3 Reasons My Family Loves Joe Palaia Park:

  • The beautiful scenery ~ With over 200 acres in Joe Palaia Park, there is always a ton of wildlife to be seen among the beautiful meadows and trees. My kids love taking a nature walk through the park to see what animals will make an appearance. On a recent visit, we spotted an entire family of groundhogs with brand new babies!


  • The paved trails ~ There are 3 miles of smooth, paved trails winding throughout Joe Palaia Park, making it the perfect place to go for a bike ride or walk your baby in a stroller. When we wanted to remove my daughter’s training wheels from her bike, the park was the best place for her to learn how to ride without the distraction of incoming cars.


  • The quiet playground ~ Set back far from the road, the playground is located in the middle of a large meadow. Compared to other parks located right on a noisy street or in a busy neighborhood, this small and quiet playground is just right to keep the kids busy for a bit while enjoying a little peace for yourself.


joe palaia park playground

 The playground at Joe Palaia Park


What Joe Palaia Park Offers:

  • Slides
  • Swings – baby and regular
  • Monkey bars
  • Soccer fields
  • Baseball fields
  • 3 miles of paved trails
  • Port-a-potties
  • Indoor restrooms (located near playground)


Joe Palaia Park trail
The paved trails at Joe Palaia Park are perfect for a family walk or learning to ride a two-wheeler!


Joe Palaia Park is located at 240 Whalepond Road in Ocean Township, NJ 07712 in Monmouth County. Park hours are 7am – sunset.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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