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This post was sponsored by Joe Holiday’s Magic & Mayhem show at the Comedy Stop at the Trop. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about things to do with families in Atlantic City & Atlantic City events we think your family may enjoy.


Update as of December 8, 2014, Joe Holiday’s Magic & Mayhem show will no longer be available at the Comedy Stop at the Trop. We think Joe Holiday is fabulous and as soon as we learn where his show is moving too, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Let’s start here

because my blond-haired, blue-eye cutie seems to be a hit in our videos and we want you to keep reading. ;-)


Magic Joe Holiday

All smiles after Joe Holiday’s Magic & Mayhem Show in Atlantic City. |Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun.

Joe Holiday’s Show was sooo awesome. If you have followed us for a while, you know how I am always trying to find family-friendly activities in Atlantic City. Call me crazy but I think Atlantic City has the potential to be a place where families can enjoy nongaming fun and where the locals want to take their children. So when we find out about something, we want to share it with you. Case in point, Joe Holiday’s Magic & Mayhem, part comedy part magic show at the Tropicana Casino.


I really had no idea this gem was right under my nose. But now that I do I am thrilled to tell you about it. Yes, the Tropicana has the indoor snow and Christmas laser show which is exciting, and we want you to take your kids to see it; but they are only offered for a few weeks. Joe Holiday’s show is something your family can enjoy in Atlantic City year-round. Not that you should wait to see it. Joe has so many tricks up his sleeve and he involves the audience in so many ways that no two shows are ever going to be the same. Even as a grown up and a mom, I sat in the Comedy Stop puzzled and amazed with his magic tricks. How he was able to get a $20 bill with a guest’s name on it from one side of the room to the other? How could he know before the show started what guests would be at the show?


I wasn’t the only one in awe. My oldest was called on the stage to play the role of Harry Potter. You know how as a mom you get those moments when you are beaming and a little teary-eyed over the experience your child is having, that was me. Watching my 9 year old helping Joe Holiday do magic tricks and dance with Joe’s hands was pretty fabulous and one of the highlights of the night for me. Here’s some others.


Highlights from Joe Holiday’s Magic & Mayhem Comedic Magic Show at the Comedy Stop

  • Joe Holiday predicted the phone number a guest would pick from the phone book. Child volunteers helped reveal that number digit by digit.
  • Joe changed a $20 bill into a $1 then a $10, then back to $20.
  • Before the show Joe predicted who would be in the audience and what special occasions would be celebrated. At the end of the show he revealed his prediction.
  • He used ‘Siri’ to teach the audience a trick.
  • Children and guests were involved in almost every trick.
  • We don’t know how but somehow Joe Holiday took that same $20 bill and sent it across the room getting it inside an orange, inside a paper bag.
  • Joe infused humor into his show that made adults laugh without being inappropriate for the kids.
  • Joe took us back to the early days of Atlantic City and some of what makes this area so great.
  • We were introduced to Joe’s father and how Joe Holiday got his start in magic.
  • And of course my son getting to play the role of Harry Potter and getting his own magic hat.


A little more from my Harry Potter about the show.

 Are you ready to win tickets to Joe Holiday’s Magic & Mayhem show?


Before we start that there are a few things you need to know about the Comedy Stop’s magic show.

  • Joe Holiday’s Magic & Mayhem Show is at the Comedy Stop in the Tropicana Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. You can get to the Comedy Stop with your children without ever entering the casino floor. The self-park garage provides access to the Quarter and the Comedy Stop is on the same level as that entrance. Self-parking is $10 on most days.
  • The Magic & Mayhem show is offered Thursdays through Tuesdays. Most days the showtime is 6:30 pm. Always call to confirm.
  • The show is an hour long with no intermission.
  • Ticket prices are $20 per adult and $10 per child.
  • There is a one drink minimum per person. Juice and other beverages area available beginning at $3.50 a person.
  • You may order dinner as early as an hour before the show and throughout the show. Not only is there a nice selection of appetizers, but the Comedy Stop offers a kid’s menu. Most kid’s meals were prices between $5-$7 and provided a good value. The drink is not included in the meal.
  • Photography and video is not allowed during the show. Photographers are available at the Comedy Stop. Single pictures with frames or keychains were available for $15 each or $20 for the set.


A quick update from Joe Holiday…

As of Dec 2nd my Magic and Mayhem show will be closing at the Comedy Stop for three weeks. I will be performing on select nights in Boston, NYC and Connecticut. One special appearance is the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City (formally the improv) on Dec 15. My show will resume in Atlantic City as of Dec 26th and run throughout 2014. Visit my calendar page on for showtimes and ticket information. see you all back at the Comedy Stop soon!


We are giving away a Family 4 Pack of tickets to Joe Holiday’s Magic & Mayhem!

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    • The contest will run from, Thursday, November 21, 2013 through December 5, 2013.
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In full disclosure this giveaway is being sponsored by Joe Holiday, who provided Jersey Family Fun with the tickets for this giveaway. 


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  1. Vanessa Jerez says:

    I sing as loud and as bad as I can to crack my son up! He must think I’m nuts!

  2. Vanessa Jerez says:

    My son and I have lots of dance parties! We dance around the kitchen.

  3. Sara Giresi says:

    act silly! it makes all of us laugh!

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    I make children laugh by tickling them.

  5. Meggan Krawiec says:

    I am.planning to take a friend’s children if I win. The funniest thing they do is they like to use various items in my house and make up these funny shows using them.

  6. laura ari says:

    My son would belt out tunes from his car seat without knowing the word. All of the sudden you’d hear random lyrics from the back seat!

  7. nancy says:

    My grandchildren would love to see the show!

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    My kids love magic and have been begging to see a “real” magic show!

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    when he dances he is so funny! i love it

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    I make my kids laugh by just being me.

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    The kids are always looking on the funny side of things.

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    All I have to do is tickle them;…they are easy

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    When my daughter was 4 years old she is now 12 we had her baby sister in the a swing and I looked at her and said I could just eat you and Kaitlyn jumped in front of the baby and put her hands up and screamed “Mommy don’t eat the baby”.

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    My daughter loves to dress up in crazy costumes to make us laugh

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    I love to tickle my daughter to make her laugh

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    My kids are always making me laugh when we do the staring contest. =)

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    My daughter dances crazy in the bathtub and makes these incredible face!

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    my daughter and her daddy love having jumping contests on the bed. she tries to outjump her father every time lol

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    I tickle their bellies with my toes, never fails to make them laugh!

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    They could be stand up comics, my two boys. Always telling jokes back and forth between the two, it’ s quite a show

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    We watch “Silent Library” watching the people get horrible things done to them and that makes the kids laugh and then I start laughing.

  23. christy says:

    My kids always laugh when we have a funny face contest :)

  24. christy says:

    My youngest and my daughter were going through the calander marking off days. They got to Washingtons Bday, My son says, “Well who in the heck is Washington”, my daughters response, “Oh, its just a state”.lol.

  25. Heather Ferrara says:

    Hope I win. I wanna take the kids.

  26. Jill says:

    To make my kids laugh…I sing like I’m an opera singer, and I’m terrible at it. I sing everything…the directions to homework, recipes, sight words, anything!

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    My daughter is 5 but is truly a Lucille Ball wannabe. She is dead on with her slapstick!

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    All of my kids have my sense of humor. They never cease to amaze me and make me laugh. They enjoy watching live shows!

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    Once he starts laughing hard he can’t stop easily. It’s so funny!

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    One thing I do to make my boys laugh is talking in different voices.
    They also laugh when I dance silly.

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    I always find it funny when one of the kids uses a BIG word that they never used before and then exaggerate what they are saying!

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    That’s an easy one we have tickle fights!

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    I make my son laugh by surprising him when he wakes up in the morning.

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    My children like to do the dance from Gangnam Style by Psy. One day the three of them just started doing it too bad that was the one time I didn’t have my camera rolling LOL

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    The funniest thing my son does is dancing like a crazy fool while laughing with his infectious giggle!

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