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We received tickets to the ANT-MAN advanced screening at no charge, to review this movie from Disney  Studios. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families movies we think their family may enjoy.



What ANT-MAN is About:

What could you accomplish if you were smaller like an ant and had ant strength?

Hank Pym is a scientist who developed a shrinking technology delivered by wearing a suit – an old motorcycle suit and helmet. After shelving his revolutionary project for years after a tragic death, the technology is re-discovered and a new suit is created by a rival scientist, posing a threat to mankind.  To fight this new creation (Yellowjacket), Pym enlists Scott Lang, a master thief/bad guy newly released from prison to take over as ANT-MAN, and save the world!  There’s laughs along the way, and entertaining scenes with armies of ants assisting ANT-MAN in his missions. Bugs eye view action scenes bring the laughs and show off the great film-making in ANT-MAN. Will Lang finally be a good guy and reunite with his daughter? The ANT-MAN movie is a great introduction to this character who we will definitely be seeing more of!


Ready to watch!

Ready to watch!


My son is a big super hero fan, as are most 5 year old boys. We first heard of this movie in the works a couple years ago and didn’t even know about the ANT-MAN character! Since then we’ve gotten excited about one of my favorites, Paul Rudd, entering the world of movies that would be appropriate for my kids to watch. While the movie is PG-13 we were confident that the subject matter would be okay.  There’s fighting as in most movies, and some questionable language. While ANT-MAN isn’t appropriate for families who limit violence, it’s on par with the content of other recent super hero movies.


Paul Rudd welcomed us to our screening!

Paul Rudd welcomed us to our screening!


What my kids liked best about the ANT-MAN movie:

  • “When ANT-MAN shrinks.”
  • “Ant-Thony!”
  • Be sure to look for a fun cameo by Thomas the Tank Engine – we won’t give it away but that was the other favorite!


Ant man with little girl


ANT-MAN has humor, themes of the importance of family, and lots of insects! There’s tie ins to the Avengers as well, so your Marvel fans will enjoy those surprises.  Be sure to wait through the credits for two special scenes. 


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Family movie night


In full disclosure, we were provided with tickets to the advanced screening of Ant-Man to make our review possible. As always, our opinions are honest and based on our own experiences with the movie.

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