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Jersey Family Fun Day at the ACUA

Jersey Family Fun hosted a free fun day at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA).


During our Jersey Family Fun Day we were able to tour both the Wastewater Plant and the Environmental Park in Atlantic County.

Jersey Family Fun ACUA

The Wastewater Treatment Plant services 14 communities in Atlantic County and treats up to 40 millions gallons of waste water per day. The kids were able to learn how the plant works to turn waste water from dark brown sludge to clear water that will not pollute counties’ fresh water resources. We saw

  • A scale model of the ACUA Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • The control room that monitors the turbines (windmills) and the solar panels on the property
  • A scaled down version of the turbines
  • A slide show of how the turbines were built
  • A before and after sample of wastewater


We headed outside to see the wind turbines. If you’ve ever driven into Atlantic City you know that the wind turbines are an attraction on their own. I have to admit that I was probably as excited as my son to get up close to look at and touch the turbines.

Wind turbines ACUA

We left the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Atlantic City and after a short drive arrived at the Environmental Park in Egg Harbor Township.


The Environmental Park is a bit of a hidden gem in Atlantic County. My family had been to the park for their Earth Day celebration and I was excited to go back and get a better look at the place.


Our first stop was the Recycling Plant, where we learned what can be recycled. The “cat walk” of the plant was a big hit with little and big kids who couldn’t resist watching all the trucks and machines move and sort tons of recyclables. After I dragged my son away from the cat walk we headed to the ACUA’s playground. The playground alone is reason enough to visit the ACUA Environmental Park. Made from recycled materials, this playground is truly unique.

super can ACUA

Our day was capped off with snacks on the benches at the playground courtesy of Happy Family Brand snacks. We also had a special appearance by the ACUA mascot Super Can.


This is just a taste of all that the ACUA has to offer. There are smaller tours of other areas of the facility and nature trails located near the playground.


ACUA tours are free and can be scheduled for any size party by contacting the ACUA. During the summer the ACUA has tours on Monday and Fridays at Noon. If you are looking for an educational and fun day out with family and friends contact the ACUA to set up your free tour.


Visit the Jersey Family Fun Facebook Page to see more pictures of our Jersey Family Fun Day at the ACUA.


In full disclosure, ACUA tours are free and can be scheduled by any groups. They did not sponsor this post. Happy Family Brands did provide snacks and drinks for our younger guests.

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