It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny ~ Cat in the Hat Book Review

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With all the  Easter stuff happening  around New Jersey I thought I would tell you about one of my sons FAVORITE books as a small child.


For Easter, in 2004, the Easter Bunny left Branden It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny in his Easter basket. It quickly became a favorite and a must read every night.


One day P.J. Funny bunny decided he didn’t like being a bunny so he decided to leave his home.” I don’t want to be a bunny anymore. I want to be a …….




So P.J. went to live with the bears.


P.J. Funny bunny makes his way through bears, birds, beavers, pigs, moose, possum, and skunks.


P.J. Funny bunny wasn’t very happy being any other animal besides a bunny so he headed home!


It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny teaches that no matter what, you should LOVE who you are!


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