Is Iron Man 3 the Right Movie for Your Children?

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We have been awaiting opening weekend of Iron Man 3 since they day we heard it was being filmed as I am sure many of you were as well. If you’re a younger child you love Iron Man because he is a hero, he makes you smile, he keeps you safe, and well he is an Avenger. So what is there not to love? If you are a teenager or adult, not only have you grown to love Iron Man but also to love the man behind the mask Tony Stark for his sarcasm, wit, and all around awesomeness.


Iron Man 3

All smiles after seeing Iron Man 3


Marvel didn’t let us down. The movie was fantastic. I was on the edge of my seat at some parts. I loved how this movie tied in with the New York story line from the Avengers and showed how Tony is handling all of it. This was a new Tony Stark. He was still cocky and inventive but not quite as self absorbed. I enjoyed seeing how his relationship with Pepper has developed and how Tony has matured through the years. By far this was my families favorite Iron Man movie.


The biggest question I have been asked since seeing the movie was is it appropriate for the younger kids since it is rated PG-13. There were many 4-5 year olds at the showing and I can say, if my children were still that young I would absolutely bring them to see the movie as they are Marvel comic fans, Avenger Fans and most importantly Iron Man fans. Now with that being said there are a few things you should know so you can make an informed decision.


Mature Material is featured through the Iron Man 3 movie

  • Violence – Typical to a comic book movie. Hand to hand combat, explosive and gunfire
  • Sexual Innuendos & Dialogue through parts of the movie. It is quick. Many of the reference may not be understood by young ears, however be prepared for some terms for parts of the anatomy and other sexually suggestive situations.
  • Terrorism – With the recent attacks on Boston, seeing a terrorist in action could scare your kids. There are some grisly scenes that deal with the terrorist including people blowing up and a threat on the president.
  • Panic attacks and anxiety – Tony begins to have panic attacks after dealing with what happened in NY with his Avenger friends and has to learn how to handle these attacks.
  • You should see the other Iron Man movies as well as the Avenger movies to really understand the movie. If they are not familiar with the back story then this movie could be a little confusing for them.


As stated earlier I would still bring my kids to the movie, as they have grown up with Iron Man and Marvel. They read the comics, they know the¬†story lines¬†and understand that this is make believe. I am just ready to answer questions they may have about any of the more mature things they may see. We loved the movie so much we are debating seeing it a second time. For us we didn’t see the negatives we saw Tony Stark who battled through his demons and gave my kids the superhero they have grown to love. He is funny, he is inventive, and he gives them someone to believe in. Someone to keep them safe from the bad guys of the world and someone to pretend to be. There is nothing more awesome then seeing my kids running around in their costumes using their imaginations. They don’t see the same things we see, they just see superhero’s battling villains and I’m ok with that.


What did my kids think of Iron Man 3?

I thought Iron Man 3 was amazing. Tony faces who in my opinion is his worst enemy yet, The Mandarin. The Mandarin is a terrorist, who Iron Man along with his friend the colonel aka the Iron Patriot vow to take down. Tony battles through panic attacks, and new-found fame after what happened with him and his Avenger friends in New York. If you haven’t seen the other Iron Man movies or watched The Avengers, you should do that before going to see Iron Man 3 or you could be a bit confused. The movie was full of action which I loved. I give Iron Man 5 stars. – Sean, age 11


Iron Man is so cool. He is my favorite Avenger. I loved seeing all of his cool suits in this movie. The Iron Patriot was also really cool. Iron Man took out the bad guys and protected his girlfriend and America from harm. – Logan, age 9


What do you think? If you took your kids, are you happy you did? If you haven’t, will you?

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