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11 Things To Do At iPlay America With Teens

This article was made possible by iPlay America, a Jersey Family Fun partner in fun. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun and our efforts to share with our readers fun things to do with teens in New Jersey.

Teens … when you want to spend a day out with them, you can’t take them to the playground and then home for a nap like the old days! Some teenagers are too cool to hang with the parents or younger siblings., Family fun places can be babyish, and some feel like they’ve done it all by the age of 14. I’m going to let you in on a secret. Your teen is going to LOVE iPlay America. This Monmouth County indoor amusement park is impressive to all ages. You can plan to spend hours exploring all iPlay America has to offer. We are going to tell you the top 10 attractions and activities for your visit to iPlay America with teens. Take note – they are ALWAYS adding on so keep an eye on Jersey Family Fun for the latest iPlay America news.

iPlay America is all indoors, so no getting rained out! You can make your plans and be assured they won’t be cancelled by Mother Nature.

What can you do at At iPlay America With Teens?

Take a look at activities you can do at iPlay America with teenagers.


True story – mom can spend hours in this arcade. There are dozens of claw games, shooting and racing games and of course skeeball. Turn in your tickets for prizes (or discounts on food at GameTime Bar and Grill) when you’re done and watch the iPlay America website for specials on non redemption video games, and Wizard Wednesdays.

iplay arcade games are a hit with teens.

Laser Tag

iPlay America updated their Laser Tag Lasertron space recently and it’s amazing! State of the art, easy to play and exciting for sure. It can be scary for little ones in that dark space but teens, especially competitive ones, will thrill in the 8 minute battle and probably ask for a rematch. Check out their specials for a weekday special with Laser Tag and the High Ropes course! This is one of Jenn’s favorite activities to do at iPlay America with teens and tweens.

kids and teens play lasertag at iPlay America

My two teens insist on playing lasertag on every iPlay America visit.

GameTime Bar and Grill

We have never had a bad meal at iPlay America’s GameTime Bar and Grill, but now with executive chef Adam Livow’s recreated menu the meals have been elevated to outstanding. On our most recent visit all four of us, of different ages, had trouble choosing a meal! Teens will love unique appetizers (a 9 oz meatball and a bavarian pretzel for two? What about the Basket of Dreams that feeds four with all the appetizers you can dream of?), pizza, burgers and tacos. Parents will love all that as well as the more upscale entrees and salads. Special diets can rejoice – gluten free pizza crust and buns available and attention given to those with food allergies (our peanut allergic son ate what he wanted with no issues). Check them out Tuesdays with an all you can eat pizza, pasta and salad deal for only $10/person.

This bavarian pretzel with cheese, mustard and salted caramel dip was a favorite of all!

Fun Rides

iPlay America has a great selection of rides for the little ones, but teens won’t be disappointed either. The Freedom Rider spinning coaster and the Kite Flyer rival rides you’d find at a larger amusement park. And don’t let them tell you they’re too big to ride the Carousel! You’re never too old for a classic ride on the horses. Wristband deals make it easy to ride all the rides, as often as you want.

Drive Time

Teens who are anxiously awaiting their drivers license can get some practice on the go karts of the Pine Belt Speedway. Drive solo or with a passenger but no bumping! That can happen a few steps away at the Bumper Cars ride. Take your battle to the next level with these fun “spin” on bumper cars. They’re different than what you’ll expect!


Maybe rides aren’t your teen’s thing? Mini bowling at iPlay America is perfect for a fast game of either 5 or 10 frames. Great for parents to take a load off also and hang at the chairs in the spectator section, or jump in on the fun. Easter egg

A teen bowls at the iPlay America bowling alley

Bowl at iPlay America with your arcade credits!

4D Theater

Experience the 4 dimension of thrill! Take a seat in a multi-sensory 4D Theater thrill ride and get transported to a whole new world of excitement and adventure! At any one time there are 3-4 4D movies to chose from. You can use your iPlay America arcade credits towards this activity. It’s also included in some of the iride pass options.

IPlay America with teens in 4d Theater.

My oldest teen chilling out before the iPlay America 4D Theater show.

Special Events

iPlay America has really stepped up their game lately with some impressive meet and greets and performances. Legends in wrestling, baseball and hockey, social media stars and more have held in demand events at iPlay America, and in past years we’ve seen some great teen-centered musical acts. It’s a perfect location to allow your teen some independence in attending events, with places for parents to wait in the building either at the GameTime Bar and Grill or just outside the venue.

Visit our iPlay America Calendar of Events to learn about upcoming events for teenagers in New Jersey at iPlay America.

Broadway Sweets

My teen recently went to iPlay America to celebrate a birthday, and I was surprised that one of the highlights for her and her friends was the Broadway Sweets sweetshop! We hadn’t been in any of our many visits but when left to their own decisions, it was candy that was most dandy. It’s one of New Jersey’s largest candy stores offering fudge, bulk candies and unique offerings. Take a look at their website, once your teen sees the celebrities that have been there they’ll make it one of their must do’s at iPlay America too.

Teen in Iplay America candy shop

Treat the teens to some candy in iPlay America’s candy shop.

High Ropes Course

Strap on some safety gear and see how high you can go on the iPlay America High Ropes course in Bill’s Garage. It’s been one of our favorites since its opening. My kids love to challenge themselves each time to see if they can get further faster, and with no stumbling. Hours may vary from the rest of the iPlay America attractions so check their website to be sure. Also check out their specials for a weekday special with Laser Tag and the High Ropes course!

Sky Trails up top, Sky Tykes down below!

iPlay America’s TopGolf Swing Suite

What might be the most innovative and fun activity for teens is the newly opened (April 2019) TopGolf Swing Suite at iPlay America (find out more at this link). When we first got to see it at a media preview, I immediately thought of our old interactive Xbox Kinect gaming system. Individual stations include a large screen controlled by a computer inside your bay, places to sit, and the gear you need for the 6 different sports/activities you can choose from. A limited menu from GameTime Bar and Grill is available for waiter service while you enjoy the Swing Suite. Reservations are recommended, and start in one hour increments. Prices start at $40/hour but vary by day/time. Up to 8 can participate at once, in one bay.

We enjoyed a family night out, hosted by iPlay America to try out the TopGolf Swing Suite. We had dinner at GameTime Bar and Grill before, but if we had thought about it more we could have made use of the delivery service! After a check in with instructions given by a TopGolf employee, we were ready to start our reservation. The use of the bays is timed, and you see your countdown on the screen while you play. Helpful knowledge to have, but it stressed us a bit as there was a learning curve for the golf games, and time spent to choose clubs, etc.

TopGolf games are also one player at a time, which presented a challenge for our excitable and active 9 year old … let’s say Mom didn’t get a turn very often! Once we got the hang of operating the system, we all enjoyed ourselves, though the golf options did not emerge as the favorite game for the kids. If you’re a golfer and looking to improve your swing you’ll find lots of golfing options (you can even bring your own clubs), but my energetic kids liked the hockey and baseball best. The hour went quickly; I’d recommend using the bathroom before you check in and developing a game plan/mastering the instructions before that timer starts. If you need more time and the bay isn’t reserved past your time, you do get the option to extend your time at an additional cost. The good news is, if you’re still in the mood for play you’re still inside iPlay America with plenty of games, rides and fun to be had.

Jenn’s Tween’s and Teens’ experiences at the Topgolf Suite at iPlay America

From Jenn – I visited iPlay America and the Topgolf suite with 2 of my teenagers and my tween over spring break. iPlay provided us with a gift card for an hour and we wanted to see how much fun we could have in that hour. We took advantage of playing all 6 Topgolf games

  • Golf
  • Baseball pitching against zombies
  • Zombie Dodgeball
  • Hockey
  • Carnival Games that included pop the balloon and dunk the clown.
  • Quarterback Challenge

We rotated after each person had a turn with each game. I wasn’t sure we could get through all of them with the 4 of us, but surprisingly we did. In an hour, we got through every game once with all 4 of us having a turn. We made it through one more full round of a game in that first hour too.

Game choices for the topgolf suite at iPlay America

There are 7 game choices in the Topgolf suites at iPlay America.

Zombie Dodgeball

In Zombie Dodgeball you are given 60 seconds to see how many zombies you can knock out. Players have two dodgeballs they can use and throw at the screen. The game starts with 3 zombies approaching you and you earn points as you hit them with the ball.

Teen plays zombie dodgeball at iPlay America's Topgolf suite

Knock out the zombies in Zombie Dodgeball.


In the Topgolf golf game, there are a few putters and about three holes players aim for. Each ring around the hole seemed to have a different point value.

Teen plays golf in Topgolf Suite at iPlay America

My oldest teen had some success playing golf.

Quarterback Challenge

The Quarterback Challenge was the quickest of all the Topgolf gaming options. Players get one or two chances to pass the ball to a football player on the field.

Teen plays quarterback challenge at iPlay America's Topgolf

The Quarterback Challenge goes pretty fast. You only get a few attempts to throw the ball.

Baseball pitching against zombies

The baseball pitching was probably my tween’s favorite. He had the best talent for it. The game is just as it sounds. Players have so many attempts to strike out the zombies.

Teen pitches against a zombie in the Topgolf Baseball game at iPlay America.

Unlike Zombie Dodgeball, you don’t want the zombie to make contact with this ball.


Summer and winter, my boys are at the court playing street hockey so they were naturals at Topgolf Hockey. Select the hockey stick and then you have 60 seconds to see how many times you can hit the target with the hockey puck. The puck is more of a ball. One thing my boys noted, this hockey was a bit more challenging since you are striking the ball from a carpeted mat rather than cement.

teen plays hockey in topgolf suite at iPlay America

My hockey players were right at home playing hockey in the Topgolf suite.

Carnival Games that included pop the balloon and dunk the clown.

The Carnival Games at Topgolf were my favorite. For me it was easier than a real carnival since players throw a ball at the balloons on a screen instead of a dart at an inflated balloon. On our turn, we all ran back and forth grabbing the ball and tossing it back at the screen to pop balloons. There are special effects that happen to the balloons and if you pop them then you earn more points. After 60 seconds of this players have a chance to try and dunk the clown by tossing a ball at the target.

Teen plays pop the balloon carnival game at iPlay America's Topgolf suite

Pop the balloon!

There is a minimum age of 16 to reserve a Topgolf bay, or there must be an adult with the group. iPlay America credits cannot be used at TopGolf Swing Suite. Of all the things to do at iPlay America with teens this is right up there as one of our favorites. Fees are about $75 an hour, making it a great way to celebrate a birthday, graduation, great report card or other special occasion.

Teen plays dunk the clown carnival game at iPlay America's Topgolf suite

Dunk the clowns!

Take a look at our Facebook album from our TopGolf Swing Suite visit. Jenn’s pictures are in there too. You can learn more about the Topgolf suite on iPlay America. Click here.

group picture of two teens and a tween in iplay america topgolf suite.

Jenn loved Melanie’s picture so much she had to duplicate it with her own boys.

There’s so much more to be found at iPlay America that your teen is sure to love. Take a look at one of our articles about a Jersey Family Fun past visit, or just check it out for yourself. iPlay America is open daily with weekday afternoon/evening hours and extended weekend hours. They are open extra hours for school breaks! Always take a look at our Groupon deals also, as they often offer discounts on rides and games and we share them when we see them. iPlay America can give you a space to reconnect with your teen over video games or a roller coaster, or it can be a place for you to give them the freedom to explore a safe and contained entertainment venue on their own. Get inside the fun!

Read more about iPlay America by visiting this link.

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