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How to Prepare for a Snow Day with Kids

How to Prepare for a Snow Day with Kids-FINAL


As I write this there are 6 inches of snow on the ground. Which for us in Southern New Jersey is a lot of snow and is probably why when I hear that it is going to snow we don’t tend to believe it until the flakes have fallen. This also explains why this morning I was so unprepared for the winter wonderland that appeared outside my door. As I was running around the house searching for snow boots and gloves and ice scrapers, I realized that all of this would be much easier and enjoyable if I had a snow day plan.


How to Prepare for a Snow Day Before the Flakes Fall

  • Make sure you have a moderately stocked fridge. I’m not saying run out to the super market and load up your cart but do check your fridge for eggs, milk, coffee and whatever it is you consider essential. For me it’s making sure I have my son’s favorite snacks and ingredients to make breakfast. If you notice you are low skip the supermarket most essential items can be picked up at a local drugstore, convenience store or deli. This will save you from dealing with the crowds.
  • While at the store stock up on hot chocolate and cookie dough both of these are wintertime staples in my house.
  • Always have pre-made cookie dough or mix in the house. It is a great quick activity for kids of all ages and it warms the house up on a chilly day.
  • Check your hats, boots, gloves, snowsuits. Make sure you have all the pieces, that they still fit and that you know where they are.
  • Gather up coloring books, crayons, movies and play dough, anything that might be a novelty for your kid. Snow days can sometimes be long days especially if it’s too windy or cold to play outside. I try to buy these kinds of things on sale or second-hand and stow them away for day with bad weather. A new activity makes everyone happy.
  • Locate snow shovel, ice scraper and salt. If you don’t have these get them.


How to Prepare for a Snow Day with KidsHow to Prepare for a Snow Day Once the Flakes are Falling

  • Bring the boots, hats, gloves and snowsuits out and place them near the door. Put everyone’s items in a pile, so that they are ready to go.
  • If you plan to make breakfast put all your dry ingredients out, that way you can get right too it so that a warm breakfast will be ready for before or after playing in the snow.
  • Have a game plan for the day. How much time will be spent outside? Will it be too cold? What movies or games can the kids play? I love to be ready to stop boredom in its path.


How to Prepare for a Snow Day Before You Bundle Up

  • Pull out Hot Chocolate supplies so that it can be made as soon as the kids come in. Better yet if they are old enough to play outside on their own, make it while they are outside.
  • Set up and tell everyone about where wet clothes will go.  This avoids cleaning up drips and puddles throughout the house.
  • Have everyone use the bathroom. There is nothing worse than getting a little one all layered up and then hearing the words, ” I have to go to the bathroom”.

Snow Days are a rare break from the routine and rush of life. With a little planning you can enjoy the day without spending it cleaning up messes and looking for missing gloves. Enjoy your Snow Day!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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