How to Paint Snow

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Bored of white snow? Have your children paint it.


Teach your kids how to paint snow the easy way!


How to Paint snow Paint Colors

The colors we used were basic ones selected by my children.


Unleash your child’s inner Monet or Van Gogh while having them outside enjoying the lovely winter weather the next time it snows. Some children love to mash the snow into balls while others love to do this in a larger form and make snowmen. However, another option to add to your arsenal of snow activities is painting snow. Why not teach them how to paint snow?


How to Paint snow Snow Artists

My daughter exploring the squirt bottle.


I recommend stocking up on cheap squirt bottles or spray bottles from Wal-Mart or the dollar store.  However, do be careful as I have already learned sometimes the squirt bottles can leak. If you are a baker or just naturally stock your food pantry with liquid food coloring, then you already have the second ingredient for this artistic endeavor. If not, you can pick them up at the food store. We used the gel food coloring but it had difficulty dissolving in the water completely.


I have read another suggestion to paint snow is to use Kool-Aid packets. The benefit of the Kool-Aid packets is the low cost and that they do carry a sweet scent when done. However, if you are not someone who enjoys the perfume of this artificial beverage it might be worth avoiding. Also, children might be inspired to taste their creation which depending on your parenting style could be a good or bad thing.


Artists at Work

He was having so much fun!


Add water to your squirt bottle or your spray bottle and then add the food coloring of choice before painting the snow. The next step to painting snow is an easy one; my toddler enjoyed which is shaking up the bottle. This may be an outdoor activity, but it is still a messy and artistic one so if your devices leak you will probably find out at this point. In other words, the first time you try this, don’t wear white over a white carpet in a white room or shake up your snow paint outside.


This brings me to an important reminder that food coloring stains. It is important to review the rules with the kids. Spraypaint the snow and only the snow!


Then, get outside and paint that white snow covered yard different colors. Granted your child’s first few splatters will probably resemble a Jackson Pollock painting (you know the paintings with splotches of paint everywhere). This is a great activity to encourage your children to be outside and creative.


How to Paint snow Painted Snow

Their first collaboration painting the snow together.


The reasons I enjoyed teaching my kids how to paint snow:

  • Painting snow is a great and relatively cheap project which is easy to implement.
  • Snow painting can appeal to children of various ages:  to the toddler who enjoys watching color splat across the snow to a child learning how to write words to the child who made a snowman and maybe wants it to wear a tie-dyed shirt in place of coal buttons.
  • There are many different ways to Paint snow .
    • You can use food coloring or Kool-Aid packets to create the colored water.
    • You can use squirt or spray bottles.
    • You can have the kids cut out stencils and use spray bottles to create prints in the snow.
    • If you want to bring the snow inside in a bucket and have the kids paint the snow inside (but again this is a messy project. Avoid anything you don’t want stained).
  • Remember to take a picture because unlike art on paper, once the snow is gone so will your children’s snow masterpieces.


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How to paint snow, a snow day activity for kids


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