A How to Make Snowman Pancakes Recipe

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How to make snowman pancakes recipe


Create your own snow day memories with Snowman Pancakes!

How to Make Snowman Pancakes Recipe

With a few simple extras, pancakes are transformed to celebrate a snow day.

The smell of beef stew was always the signal of the first snow fall during my childhood. The slow simmer of thyme, potatoes, carrots, and onions accompanying the aroma of stewing beef. My father once told me that he made this special meal to welcome winter. Sadly, earlier this week I already quenched that craving when I made my own version of his recipe. As Facebook posts popped up notifying the world of the incoming snowstorm (a few weeks ago) and school closings, I thought what could I do to mark this occasion? Granted we have already have had snow earlier this year, I felt like a “state of emergency” snowstorm deserved its own welcoming.


Since my son turned two we have been baking in the kitchen together.  With the assistance of a super tall stool, he has been able to “help me”.  His definition of helping may involve grabbing ingredients without prompting, throwing eggs into the cake mix with the shell still intact or attempting to mix flour into the sink. This is a work in progress and each time we bake together there is growth. He is improving his gross and motor skills by mixing, pouring, and scooping. He is listening to me read the directions off of the packages and recognizing the importance of reading. He is observing as I measure the ingredients. I want him to be comfortable in the kitchen as well as having fun when he cooks. Today was no different. As soon as he saw me pull out the mixing bowl he pushed his stool up to the counter.


How to Make Snowman Pancakes Recipe

You can always include your children into the cooking process. My son loves to “help”.


In the world of Pinterest (and this is a Pinterest inspiration) we can be overwhelmed with complicated ideas. However, pancakes are always a simple and delicious breakfast. Adding a small twist gives it a special touch. This morning my son and I made snowman pancakes.


How to Make Snowman Pancakes

  • Prior to the pancake or snowman portion, I began the bacon. The bacon will serve as the scarf. I like putting the bacon in the oven at a high temperature of 400°.  It took my bacon between 10-12 minutes to be crispy. However, cook the bacon using your preferred method.
  • The specific brand of pancake mix is not important. The snowman pancake in this example consists of a small circle to create the head and a larger one for the body. If you are an individual that adheres to technical drawings then by all means make three circles for your snowman.
  • We used chocolate chips from our pantry to make the eyes, mouth, and buttons. I prefer the idea of fruit for some of these items but we did not have berries on hand.
  • The last decoration was marshmallows. While I have seen mini marshmallows used to represent the snow, I thought this breakfast was being made during a Herculean storm so I busted out the large marshmallows. (In reality, we didn’t have mini marshmallows but this is a fun and creative breakfast and the marshmallows don’t make or break the meal).  Part of me imagines future variations of this by having different food items on the table so the kids can decorate their own snowman however they please.


How to Make Snowman Pancakes Recipe

The pancakes won’t last, but the memories will.


As you can see, the snowman pancakes were well received and enjoyed and my son’s reaction melted my heart. And like the snow outside, the snowman didn’t last. So enjoy!


Pin this snowman pancake recipe for later and check out more of our snow inspirations through the Jersey Family Fun Pinterest board and definitely be sure to check out our other articles about snow day activities on Jersey Family Fun.


How to make snowman pancakes recipe

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