How to Make a Stuffed Toy Talk with Chappet

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In full disclosure, Jersey Family Fun was hired by Chappet to share how to make a stuffed toy talk with the Chappet button and app. Where possible we have included online affiliate links to help make your gift buying process easier. When you make a purchase using those links Jersey Family Fun receives a small commission that helps us maintain this website.


Teddy bears, unicorns, and other animals have you ever wondered how to make a stuffed toy talk?


I mean sure there are toys on the market that do that BUT they may not be the toys your child already has. The lovely your child clings to every moment, the plush that is with them every night at bed, can they talk? When my boys were little, my husband and I would hold the animals above our head, while we hid below, and we’d project our voices as if the stuffed animals were really talking. That would work when we were home with them in the same room but we didn’t have a solution to how to make a stuffed toy talk when we weren’t right next to them.


How to Make a Stuffed Toy Talk with Chappet


Now there’s a solution to How to Make a Stuffed Toy Talk and my little guy could not be more thrilled. He says, “Having a talking stuffy would be great. We could talk, tell secrets, and chat. It would be so much fun.”


Introducing Chappet, a device that makes any stuffed toy or nearly any toy able to talk and interact with your child.


how to make a stuffed toy talk with Chappet


About Chappet

Chappet is a Bluetooth speaker encased in a two-inch wide yellow button. It’s controlled by a FREE smartphone app. It allows parents to interact with their children through their stuffed animals during creative playtime. Chappet supports more than 1,000 prerecorded phrases, features 20 pre-recorded songs and stories, and its auto chat function can mimic the words a child shares with it in conversation, allowing children to interact with their favorite toy in an entirely new way.



Here’s how to make a stuffed toy talk with Chappet.

Initial Steps before you can make a stuffed toy talk with Chappet

    1. First, purchase the Chappet from Amazon. It is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon for $54.99.
    2. Before the Chappet’s first use you’ll need to fully charge the device. While it’s charging get the free Chappet App on the Apple Store or Google Play.
    3. Attach the Chappet to a stuffed toy or animal with the loop on the back of the button. The button can be sewn on or tightly attached with a string around the stuffed animal’s neck like a necklace. It does not include the string.
    4. After your Chappet is charged connect it to a smartphone device with Bluetooth.
    5. Open the app and select a voice for your Chappet. There are three to select from. You can hear each one before making a selection.
    6. Register the name you want the Chappet to use when addressing your child. You can enter a name up to 20 characters. After you’ve entered that you’ve completed the initial steps. You can add up to 10 names.

When you are done using the Chappet app make sure to turn off the Bluetooth connection between the Chappet and the smartphone device. Otherwise, it’s possible some sounds from your smartphone may be projected through the Chappet button. Also to note, Chappet does not need a battery since it is rechargeable. There is a tiny port where the button can be charged. A small button on the back allows the button to be turned off when not in use.



A screenshot from using the Chappet app.


Creating interactions that allow a stuffed toy to talk with your child.

There are 4 types of ways to have a stuffed toy talk with Chappet

      • Voice Chat: Where, through Chappet, parents pretend they are the stuffed animal to chat with their child. Imagine being in the kitchen and your child is in the living room. You will have a blast seeing and hearing your child’s reactions to the chats with his or her stuffed animal.
      • Text Chat: Where Chappet reads aloud what you type in a charming voice. You can be next to your child to teach him or her letters and numbers, or simply “chat” with your child through his or her favorite stuffed animal.
      • Tap Chat: Where Chappet allows you to speak pre-recorded sentences. You can choose from a list of more than 1,000 phrases across numerous categories that suit a variety of everyday scenarios, and 20 pre-recorded songs and stories. You can also add new phrases via text with your own voice, and original songs and stories too!
      • Auto Chat: Where Chappet responds to your child’s voice by making affirmative sounds of agreement or mimicking phases. Your child will laugh out loud when he or she finds their best friend is mimicking him or her.


how to make a stuffed toy talk with Chappet


After you learn how to make a stuffed toy talk with Chappet, what’s next?

What else can the Chappet do besides talking to your child?

      • In Baby mode it can provide music to comfort a crying child. It can also detect when a child is crying. There are 10 sounds on the Comforting Music menu and 9 sounds on the Sleep Music menu including playing When You Wish Upon a Star for 13 minutes.
      • In Timer mode, you can have the Chappet alert your child when it’s time to wake up, eat, brush teeth, go out, clean up, bath, sleep, or more.
      • In Playlist mode, it can play phrases, songs, and stories you’ve registered with Chappet.
      • The Song menu has 10 available songs.
      • In Story mode, there are 10 stories the Chappet voice can read to your child.  You can add additional stories.
      • The Chappet store has options for increasing your song and story collection with free and paid selections.


Now that you’ve learned how to make a stuffed toy talk with Chappet, what are some of your favorite phrases to say to your child that you’ll soon add to the Chappet app?


The Chappet is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon for $54.99. For more information visit

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