How to Make a NO SEW Snowman Sock Puppet

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I have to be honest, winter is definitely not the season we look most forward to in my house (after all my son was born and lived in Florida for four years!). However, I try to make it fun through various books, crafts, games and outdoor activities. A few years ago while teaching I came across this great craft- a Snowman Sock Puppet and have been making them with my class every year since then. This year my son is in Kindergarten and now that I stay home I couldn’t resist the urge to make these puppets with him and a few of our friends. They are simple to make (no sewing involved), affordable (get the socks right out of the laundry basket!) and super cute! I love how they can be used as whimsical winter decor or to put on a puppet show on a cold, winter day.


Snowman sock puppets


Snowman Sock Puppet


How to make a snowman sock puppet

Collect old buttons, socks and find some glue and you can make this adorable snowman too!

Supplies you need to make a Snowman Sock Puppet

  • A white sock (the size depends how on large you want your puppet to be, I prefer large men’s socks but have made with children’s socks as well)
  • Black Sharpie marker (and any other colors you would like to use)
  • Fabric, felt and/ or ribbon (for scarf and hat)
  • Cotton or fluff (used to fill stuffed animals sold at your local craft store)
  • Buttons
  • Toothpicks  or pipe cleaners(for arms and nose)
  • Googly eyes
  • Elmer’s or tacky glue (to secure buttons, eyes and other body parts)
  • Scissors (to cut ribbon and felt)
  • 3 rubber bands (to create 3 snow balls for body)


How to make a Snowman Sock Puppet

  • Stretch out a long, white sock and begin filling it with fluff. Fill each sock ¾ of the way up. Do NOT fill the entire sock, you will want to leave room for a hat.
  • Once the sock is almost full, take your rubber bands and create three varying sized balls. Secure each with a rubber band. (Your sock should now have three separate body parts separated by the rubber bands)
  • Fold the reminder of the sock over (over the last rubber band) to create a hat.

**The following steps are how we created our snowman sock puppet but they can be completed in any order.  Be creative and decorate your snowman as you wish:

  • Use Sharpie markers to create eyes, nose, mouth and any other facial expressions you would like (remember you may also use googly eyes, buttons and toothpicks).
  • Break off a small piece of a toothpick and color it with an orange marker to create a carrot nose. You could also use an orange pipe cleaner.
  • Glue buttons down the front of your snowman.
  • Stick one toothpick or pipe cleaner in each side of the second snowball to create arms (you should be able to just poke them through and then use glue to secure).
  • Use fabric, ribbon or felt to create a scarf around his/her neck.
  • Use additional felt or markers to decorate the hat.


How to make a snowman sock puppet

Fill your sock 3/4 of the way using fluff or cotton balls.


Making a snowman sock puppet every year is one of my favorite snow day activities and winter traditions and I was thrilled to finally be able to make them with my own children this year. Not only is this a creative, fun and family bonding experience it helps us to create memories that will stay with us long past winter. So gather your children, grab a sock and join in the fun!

Add a carrot nose using a broken toothpick

Add a carrot nose using a broken toothpick


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