How to Make a Puffy Snowman Craft

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Puffy Snowman Craft


With all of the snow days that we have been having this winter, my kids are really starting to get a bad case of cabin fever. I have had to be more creative then ever when it comes to doing indoor activities with my kiddos. There are a plethora of snow day activities on the internet of course, but the hardest part is making sure I have everything in the house that I would need because leaving the house on snow and ice covered roads isn’t an option. I came across this fun and easy snowman craft that I had everything for!


What You Will Need to Make a Puffy Snowman Craft

Snowman craft supplies

  • Shaving Cream
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Construction Paper
  • Paint Brushes


Directions to Make a Puffy Snowman Craft

  1. First, I drew three circles onto the construction paper in the shape of a snowman. I then cut out an orange nose and a black top hat and I used a hole puncher for the eyes and buttons. Next time, I would probably cut out the eyes to make them a little bit bigger. My kids had a hard time handling the small dots that the hole puncher made.
  2. Next, add equal parts of shaving cream and Elmer’s Glue.  There is no exact measurement for this part. I just sprayed some shaving cream into a big bowl and poured about a 1/2 of bottle of glue into it.  Be sure to mix it up really good. Just don’t mix it to much or your shaving cream will become watery and flat.
  3. Now, let your child paint onto the paper into the circles. I found that dabbing the mixture was easier for the kids then painting it on.
  4. Finally, carefully add the eyes, nose, mouth, hat, and buttons onto the snowman. You don’t need additional glue. They will stick to the mixture. Lay flat to dry.

After our snowman craft, we had so much mixture left over so I allowed my kids to paint more onto plain sheets of construction paper. They got a little out of hand with it and it ended up being all over them and the table. Because they definitely needed washed off, I decided to allow them to take off their clothes and get into the empty bathtub. I sprayed the remaining shaving cream into the tub and let them have fun with it before turning on the shower and washing it all away! I wouldn’t recommend letting them play with the mixture of shaving cream and glue too much because it is sticky and harder to clean, but shaving cream is a great sensory material and cleans up very easily! It smells good too! They had an absolute blast and ask to do it again all of the time.


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How to make Puffy Snowman Craft

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