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How to Have a Pirate Birthday Party

Our thanks to Oriental Trading for helping to make this post possible and inspiring our creativity for another fun birthday party idea.


How to Have a Pirate Birthday Party


Is your child into pirates? Has he or she been dreaming of a pirate birthday party but you don’t know where to start?


Let us help you plan the perfect pirate birthday party!


Some pirate birthday party ideas might come to you naturally, but perhaps you feel like you need more ideas. I’ve been planning pirate birthday parties for nearly 8 years. It’s my favorite birthday party to plan and even though my boys are past the pirate phase, I’ve found plenty of reasons to keep having pirate fun.


One of my favorite pirates

One of my favorite pirates


My pirate party planning skills have come in very handy at our Kids’ Quarters at the Tuckerton Seaport, especially considering how once a year the Seaport has a Privateers & Pirates Festival. At their most recent festival, I was able to partner with Oriental Trading Company. The booty Oriental Trading Company provided helped us engage the pirates and privateers in lots of crafting activities. With pirate crafts and activities, everyone had a fun time and no one had to walk the plank.


If you’re not sure where to start with planning a pirate birthday party for your birthday child we can help. With our ideas and Oriental Trading’s pirate products your Pirate Birthday Party is going to be a blast.


How to Have a Pirate Birthday Party


Planning your Pirate birthday party

  • First think about your date, time, and location. If you want your party outside plan for something midday or afternoon. If you are celebrating inside think about what room will best accommodate your guests.
  • Consider how many guests you want. Will you be purchasing party favors? Will you be buying food? Remember most party favors are sold in packs of 12. Pizzas have 8 slices to a pie. Plan your birthday accordingly to cut down on costs and waste.
  • What is your food budget for the party? You don’t always have to serve a meal at a party. Parties for older kids can be planned for later at night after dinner time. Parties for younger kids can be planned for mid afternoon hours. If you eliminate the need to provide a meal, your food costs will be limited to snacks, cake, and beverages.


Pirate Birthday Party Invitations

Invitations should generally be sent out 2-3 weeks before the birthday party date.

  • Roll up the invitation and place it in an empty water bottle or look online to order pirate party invitations that come in a message bottle.
  • Print out your invitations on a treasure map or create the invitation then dab with a brewed tea bag to give it that piratey feel.
  • Consider sending an eye patch or pirate bandana to add to the excitement of your pirate party. You can even wrap up your invitation in the bandana.


Decorating for a Pirate Birthday Party

Decorating for a pirate party can be so much fun, here’s a few ideas to get you started.

  • Create a pirate ship for the kids from cardboard boxes. We can show you how to make a pirate ship in this blog post.



  • Hit the Halloween stores after Halloween and stock up on great decorations that can do double duty as pirate party decorations
    • skulls
    • tombstones
    • fake bugs or body parts
  • Hang large fish nets from the walls and attach plastic sea creatures.
  • Create a treasure chest. You can buy a treasure chest from a craft store and stain it with tea bags to give it an authentic look. You can also order treasure chests filled with loot from Oriental Trading.
  • Drape walls with plastic tablecloths. Use temporary double-sided adhesive tape so as to not damage the walls.
    • Brown could represent the inside of a boat.
    • Blue could represent being a float on the water.
    • Gray could represent going through a cave looking for buried treasure.
  • Create signage around your house with pirate-themed names for rooms in your house. For example, your kitchen could be The Missing Eye Cafe, the bathroom Hole of No Return.
  • For pirate music, get the Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Swashbuckling Sea Songs CD. We’ve reviewed the CD in this blog post.


Pirate Birthday Party Games & Activities

Pirate Party Games

  • Tomy’s Super Pop-Up Pirate Game is a game that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. It is really easy to play, and requires no reading. You can read more about it in our Super Pop-Up Pirate Game review.


This game is full of anticipation and excitement. Perfect for any family game night!

This game is full of anticipation and excitement. Perfect for any family game night!


  • Pin the Tail on the Tic Tock Croc ~ Print out a large crocodile picture. Put a clock sticker on his belly. Then, cut out tails that the children can pin on like the traditional pin the tail on the donkey game.
  • Swab the deck ~ In this pirate party game, party guests compete in teams to see who can do the best job swabbing the deck. Each team gets a broom. Balloons or balls are placed on the floor. The team that gets the most balls or balloons on their side of the deck in the designated time period win.
  • Cannon ball fight ~ Similar to above, but in this pirate party game kids toss cannon balls back and forth. The winning team is the team with the least amount of cannon balls on their side of the deck after the time is up. Cannon balls can be made from aluminum foil or duct tape. You can mark the sides of the deck or battlefield with ropes or duct tape.
  • Pass the Skull ~ Remember the hot potato game. Play that, only this time the hot potato can be a pirate skull, a treasure chest, or another pirate-themed prop.
  • Walk the Plank ~ Set up a plank like structure and have the pirate party guests walk the plank.


Tuckerton Seaport Pirate Festival walking the plank


Pirate Party Crafts

  • Get the kids dressed as pirates with this easy DIY Pirate Hat Kit from Oriental Trading. I loved how easy these pieces peel and stick to the hats. The stretchy cord adjusts to fit any child’s head. Plus if your pirates go sticker happy, no worries. This pirate craft kit comes with plenty of stickers.


Pirate Birthday Party Pirate craft


  • Oriental Trading’s Treasure Chest Magnet Craft Kit is a great pirate craft for older kids. Each kit comes individually packed. If you do this craft, make sure to have glue bottles on hand and have the kids do the craft early. The kit pieces are heavier; glue sticks will not be strong enough to hold the pieces together. Then, this pirate craft can dry as the kids play pirate party games.


Pirate Birthday Party Pirate crafts

Our pirate here is showing off two Oriental Trading pirate crafts, the DIY Pirate Hat and the Pirate Treasure Chest Magnet.


  • Another pirate craft that’s sure to be treasured is the Fabulous Foam Pirate Frames from Oriental Trading. Again, we’ve got an easy peel and stick pirate project for your pirate party guests. With 600 stickers per set, you certainly won’t run out. Once home kids can put in a picture of themselves from the party. Don’t forget to send the pictures to the parents or create a Facebook album so it’s easy for parents to download the pictures they want.


Pirate Birthday Party Pirate craft photo frames

Someone loves the pirate photo frame they made with Oriental Trading’s kit.


  • Lastly, kids can create a pirate spy glass as a pirate party craft. We show you how in this blog post, How to Make a Pirate Spy Glass. It could be just the pirate tool they need to find that buried treasure.


Pirate Party Activities

  • Treasure Hunt ~ Place a treasure chest filled with loot or your party bags in a special spot. Then, create a series of clues that lead your party guests from one spot to the next, till they finally find the treasure. Remember you can get a filled treasure chest at Oriental Trading.
  • Teach the kids how to talk like a pirate. We have tips in this post, How to Talk Like a Pirate.
  • For younger kids, you can read stories from some of our favorite children books about pirates. Click on these titles to read our Blackbear the Pirate book review, How I Became a Pirate book review, and Pirates Don’t Change Diapers book review.




Pirate Birthday Party Food

Planning food for your pirate birthday party doesn’t have to be hard either. Check out these easy ideas.

  • You can easily make a pirate cake using regular cake pans. We’ve got the tips and directions in this story, 2 Ways to Create an Pirate Cake.
  • Use chips, carrot slices, grapes, or chocolate coins as edible treasure coins. Consider placing them in a treasure chest or ship-shaped serving dish.
  • Pirate’s Planks ~ Cut celery sticks and fill them with cream cheese or peanut butter.
  • Captain’ Hooks ~ Take advantage of the curvy nature of peppers and apples, cut pepper or apple sticks that can look like Captain Hooks.

We have other ideas for pirate birthday party food in this blog post.


Birthday Gifts for the Birthday Child

Oh my goodness! Pirates are so popular with kids, you can’t go wrong with most gifts out there. Consider one of the storybooks we recommended above or even the pirate game. Most bookstores will have plenty of children’s books with pirate themes. If you purchase one, you could tuck some extra loot inside the pages of the book. If the child is younger, look for Jake and the Neverland Pirate themed gifts. For the slightly older child, gifts related to the new Pan movie would be a hit.


Take Home Gifts for a Pirate Birthday Party

If you’ve created the crafts above that alone can be treasure enough for your pirate birthday party guests. If you want to do more though you can’t go wrong searching the 66 items in the pirate party loot at Oriental Trading. Here’s some of our favorites.

  • Pirate coins
  • Pirate tattoos
  • Pirate treasure bags


Thank you cards

Don’t forget the best pirate always appreciates the fellow pirates that helped find the treasure. Help your child show his manners with your guests with a thank you card. Either decorate the card with pirate stickers or use some of the same tips we recommended for creating a pirate party invitation when you create pirate thank you cards.


How to Have a Pirate Birthday PartyWe hope you enjoy our Pirate birthday party ideas. We’d love to have you pin this for later or see our other ideas for birthday parties or playdates.





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