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How to Have a Finding Dory Birthday Party

Our thanks to Oriental Trading for providing some of the crafts for this Finding Dory Birthday Party post and Disney for their great printables.


Did your child love the Finding Dory movie? Are you wondering how you can use their love for Dory, Nemo, and Marlin for your child’s birthday party?


How about a Finding Dory birthday party?


Our friends at Disney are always sending us trailers, images, and movie printables. With the Finding Dory movie, it’s no different. This time, they’ve inspired us to create another party tutorial. Their recipes and party games, projects from Oriental Trading Company, and Finding Dory printables combined with our creativity means we can help you plan a fabulous Finding Dory Birthday Party.


How to have a Finding Dory Birthday Party


How to Have a Finding Dory Birthday Party


Planning your Finding Dory birthday party

  • First think about your date and time and the season. A summer Finding Dory party would be great to have outdoors at your backyard pool or a local beach. An indoor birthday party can happen at a nearby indoor waterpark or a room you decorate to look like the beach or a pool.
  • Consider how many guests you want. Will you be purchasing party favors? Will you be buying pizza? Remember most party favors are sold in packs of 12. Pizzas have 8 slices to a pie. Plan your birthday accordingly to cut down on costs and waste.
  • What is your food budget for the party? You don’t always have to serve a meal at a party. Outside parties can be planned for later at night after dinner time. Inside parties can be planned for mid afternoon hours. If you eliminate the need to provide a meal, your food costs will be limited to snacks, cake, and beverages.


Finding Dory Birthday Party Invitations

  • Invitations should generally be sent out 2-3 weeks before the birthday party date. Our friends at Disney have shared with us this Finding Dory party invitations. It’s great if you’re have a Finding Dory pool party, but even if you aren’t at the pool you can adapt their invitation idea to fit your party. Use Finding Dory stickers or jewels to decorate your invitation and the invitation envelope. Include blue glitter in the party envelope. Or attach a small fishing stick to the invitation.


Decorating for a Finding Dory Birthday Party

If you are having an outdoor Finding Dory birthday party you may not need to decorate or you can post your birthday party decor in the grass or sand. If your birthday party is inside, we hope you’ll love these ideas.

  • Use Disney’s Finding Dory printable posters to decorate the path to the party location. Or hang them from the walls.
  • Create clusters of blue or white balloons to give the impression of bubbles trying to float to the surface.
  • Place glowsticks inside balloons to give a special light up effect that would be coming off of luminescent fish. I would suggest not fully inflating the balloon. A fully inflated balloon might be more sensitive to the edges of a glow stick and more likely to pop.
  • Fill plastic bowls or jars with rubber ducks or squirting fishes that you can get from Oriental Trading.
  • Hang plastic blue tablecloths on the walls to give the impression of being under the water. You can easily find these at the dollar stores.
  • Transform colored plastic plates into fish and turtles that you can hang from the wall.
  • Create an octopus or two using a balloon for the body and streamers for the tentacles.


Finding Dory Birthday Party Food

Some obvious treats for your Finding Dory birthday party are snackable goldfish crackers and Swedish fish candies. But go outside the obvious, why not try one of these fun Finding Dory recipes, Disney shared with us.


Finding Dory Recipe Quesa-Dory Quesadillas

Quesa-Dory Quesadillas |Photo Credit Disney



FInding Dory Recipe Crush's Turtle Shell Peppers

Crush’s Turtle Shell Peppers |Photo Credit Disney



Finding Dory Recipe Hankfurter & Seaweed Slaw

Hankfurter & Seaweed Slaw |Photo Credit Disney


Finding Dory Birthday Party Games & Activities

Finding Dory Party Games


Finding Dory Party Matching Duck Game

We’ve used Oriental Trading’s Matching Duck games at community events, but it would be great for a Finding Dory party.


  • Fishing pond game
  • Play a ring toss green or blue rings. Decorate the stakes or cones with shells. Then have party guests toss the rings and attempt to land them around the stake.
  • Remember the hot potato game. Play that, only this time the ball is a Finding Dory animal or shell.
  • Create a ‘pretend’ underwater obstacle course. Think about how you might normally set it up but now decorate the obstacle with shells and inflatable seaweed. Put seaweed around cones to represent coral reefs. Mark paths with sandpaper to represent sand and gravel.


Finding Dory Party Crafts

I love party crafts. These Finding Dory party crafts are a great way to keep guests busy as you wait for everyone to arrive or when you need to transition from one activity to the next. Here’s two Oriental Trading crafts that we’ve used in the Tuckerton Seaport Kids’ Quarters that are perfect for beach, water, and Finding Dory birthday parties.

  • Design Your Own Giant Mosaic Turtle-Shaped Sticker Scenes ~ Kids love these mosaic turtle scenes. Each pack comes with 12 turtles paper canvas and 12 sticker sheets. Each canvas is a 15″ x 10″ canvas. The sticker sheets come with 78 stickers each. It’s more than enough to decorate each turtle. It’s a fun activity that kids can either complete in as few as ten minutes or spend more time with if they want to be more creative. Oriental Trading Company has them at this link.


Design Your Own Giant Mosaic Turtle-Shaped Sticker Scenes


  • Magic Color Scratch Fish Ornaments ~ These fish come as ornaments on a special black paper. With the enclosed sketching tools, your party guests can sketch out colorful designs to make their fish unique. These Magic Color Scratch Fish Ornaments come 12 to a pack. You can find the fish and other similar items at Oriental Trading Company at this link.


These Scratch N' Reveal scenes are perfect for fishy party themes and our Kids' Quarters at the Tuckerton Seaport.

These Scratch N’ Reveal scenes are perfect for fishy party themes and our Kids’ Quarters at the Tuckerton Seaport.



Birthday Gifts for the Birthday Child

Beach balls and toys, pool noodles or floats, all can make a great gift for a birthday child having a Finding Dory Birthday Party. Even if the party is in the non-summer months the birthday child will enjoy having something new for next summer. You can also find Finding Dory merchandise at your local Disney store.


Take Home Gifts for a Finding Dory Birthday Party

Oriental Trading has a nice selection of Finding Dory party favors. Here’s some of our favorites.

  • FINDING DORY Printables Finding Dory Calendar
  • Glitter Finding Nemo Stickers
  • Disney Nemo Magical Seas Stickers
  • Finding Dory Bouncy Balls
  • Tropical Fish Sand Art Bottle Necklaces
  • Finding Dory Bubble Favors and more


Thank you cards

Don’t forget the best party hosts always appreciates the guests that came to the party. Decorate the card with those Finding Dory stickers or include a Finding Dory tattoo to remind them of how fun your party was.


We hope you enjoy our Finding Dory birthday party ideas. We’d love to have you pin this for later or see our other ideas for birthday parties or playdates.


How to Have a Finding Dory Birthday Party




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