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Years ago, when my boys were little, I had a party planning business. Even back then I loved to be involved with planning and doing special activities at events. While I had ‘pretend” super heroes, princesses, and rock stars entertaining and playing games with guests, I would do the face painting. That may have been a few years back, but I still enjoy face painting and it’s my must do volunteer role for my boys’ school field days.


Face painting

Face painting a friend’s daughter with Snazaroo face paints at a family birthday party in 2009.

My absolute favorite brand for face painting is Snazaroo face paint. What’s the difference between one face paint brand and another? A LOT. Consider this, whatever you or a face painter is using to face paint a design on your child is making contact with their skin and potentially their eyes and mouth. We all know kids can rub, itch, and smear their designs easily. Don’t you want a face paint that has proven to be safe? Snazaroo knows that face paint has the potential to do this and they have taken steps to make sure their face paint is nontoxic.


What makes Snazaroo face paints different?

  • All Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be fragrance-free and friendly to the most delicate skin. If you or the person you are face painting have sensitive skin, I would recommend testing out the face paint on an area of their skin first before face painting a full design.
  • All Snazaroo face paints are manufactured to be compliant with EU and US Toy Safety and cosmetic regulations. Snazaroo face paints are not classified as hazardous to health or the environment.

Before you are tempted to buy a face paint kit from a bargain store or have your child face painted at a community event, ask questions first. Many face paints aren’t safe. Poster paint as a face paint isn’t safe or intended to be used as a face paint. The only face paint brand I trust and you should too is Snazaroo’s non-toxic face paint.


With that in mind, I was more than pleased Snazaroo asked me to share a face painting tutorial with our readers. What better time of year than Halloween to share tips for face painting? Knowing Jersey Family Fun mom, Kim is dressing up her kids in Alice in Wonderland costumes gave us a great idea. I would face paint her oldest daughter as the Queen of Hearts. Check out our steps to face paint a Queen of Hearts design. Then, keep reading for how I can help you with tips to face paint your children for Halloween.


Tips for Face painting


Tips for face painting with Snazaroo Face Paint

  • Give yourself a small workspace with either paper towels or wipes. You’ll want to keep face paint off your hands to avoid smearing your design.
  • Pull hair back from the face with hairpins or a headband.
  • Peel off the protective film over the face paint colors that you will need.
  • With Snazaroo face paints, you do not need a lot of water to paint a design. Too much water will give you a face paint design that is runny. Instead, fill a small cup with water for occasional use. Dip your paintbrush once or twice in water as needed. The paint should be just wet enough to adhere to the brush and the face.
  • The Snazaroo face paint kit comes with a sponge to help spread the face paint over a large surface of skin. Makeup sponges also work well for helping to paint full face designs. You don’t need a lot of paint for a full face design.
  • Q-tips and the rounded edge of a paintbrush are great for making circular spots and lines. They also are helpful for rubbing itchy spots without ruining your design.
  • When painting on lips, be prepared for some wiggles as many find the paintbrush tickles when it touches their lips. If applying a specific design on the lips, save that for the end.
  • Clean up with Snazaroo face paints is easy. Their face paints are water-based and can be removed with soap and warm water or facial wipes. I usually tell parents and kids to gently wipe the face paint off the skin working from the inside of the face to the outside.


Snazaroo Face Paint


How to face paint a Queen of Hearts Design


How to Face Paint a Queen of Hearts Design

Before I set about to face paint a Queen of Hearts design on Kim’s daughter’s face, the two of us looked at some images online for inspiration. After studying a few it was clear that many of the Queen of Hearts face paint designs had some common features: color above the eyes, hearts on the cheeks, and painted lips. With that in mind I got started face painting and found it didn’t take long to transform this little girl into a queen.  Here’s our steps to face paint a Queen of Hearts design.


Face Paint a Queen of Hearts Design

She’s ready to be transformed into a Queen of Hearts.


  • Use the Snazaroo face painting sponge or a make up sponge to spread white face paint over the face. When I start, I do a mix of dabbing white paint on the cheeks, lips, and forehead to spreading out the face paint over those areas. I avoid the eyes in the first step in order to avoid getting any face paint in the eyes.


Face Paint a Queen of Hearts Design


  • After I have applied a base coat of white face paint with the sponge, I then apply a thin layer of white face paint closer to the eyes with the paintbrush. I place a little white face paint on the brush and use soft gentle strokes around the eyes. When working on the eyelids, move the paintbrush from the inside of the eye to the outer edge similar to applying eye shadow. Under the eyes, move the face paint in a similar pattern. With younger children I avoid going close to the eyes. Having a base coat of white face paint under the red, will make it easier to remove the red face paint later.


Face Paint a Queen of Hearts Design


  • Use a makeup sponge or the Snazaroo sponge to smooth out the white face paint. Make sure to get face paint in all the nooks and crannies of a face especially around the nose, over the eyebrows, near the hairline.


  • To add the red areas to the face, start with the eye area. After a quick dip of your paintbrush in the water, add some red face paint to it. Use the brush and trace an arch from the inner eye over the eyebrow to the outer eye. Apply red face paint to the eyelids similar to how you would apply eye shadow.  Then, add red face paint to fill in the areas.


  • To make the hearts on the cheeks, add very little red face paint to the brush. As the brush bristles are a straight edge, press the brush on the skin as if you were creating a letter V. Pick up the brush and move it to the right to create the right edge. Then, pick it up again and reapply it to create the left edge of the heart. With a little wiggle of the brush the top edge of the brush will add additional paint providing the curved edges of the heart.


Face Paint a Queen of Hearts Design


  • To add the black outlines, add a little black paint to the paintbrush, only dabbing in water as needed. Start with drawing a partial outline over the red areas above the eyes. Use the brush and start outlining from the midpoint over the inner side of one eye, over the arch, and to the midpoint over the outer eye. Turn the brush edge vertical to create the small straight line over the middle of each eye.


  • To create the black outlines under the eyes, trace the paint in a line under the eyes following the path of the eye. Create the dip down by painting a triangle similar to how you made the hearts.


Face Paint a Queen of Hearts Design


  • Use the rounded edge of the paintbrush or a q-tip, dipped lightly in black paint, to press a dot above and below each heart. It’s little detail that adds a lot when you face paint a Queen of Hearts design.


  • Finally, come back to the lip area. Add some red paint to the brush and paint a heart over the center of the lips. Use the lips’ upward curve to help shape the top of the heart. Have the bottom of the heart end just below the lips. A small or medium heart adds the perfect final touch to your Queen of Hearts face paint design without it being too much.


Face Paint a Queen of Hearts Design

Our lovely Queen of Hearts


Ready to pick up some Snazaroo face paint for this Halloween or another special occasion? Would you like some tips and steps for a face painting design?


You can learn more about Snazaroo online at their website,, Facebook page, on Twitter, or on  Instagram. The Snazroo website also offers great faceapainting tutorials as well. But since our readers are so awesome, we’ll do something special for you.

Comment below, by Friday, October 14, with a design that you would like us to teach you how to face paint.

We’ll pick one or two ideas we like and will create a second how to face paint design post for you before Halloween.


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