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In the middle of June we had a chance to take  in Sony Film’s Hotel Transylvania. I had skipped the movie when it came out at Halloween because I was afraid it was too scary for my four year old twins. I was wrong! Hotel Transylvania wasn’t scary at all! It was HILARIOUS!


The story centers around Dracula who is highly protective of his only daughter. He builds a fabulous castle hotel to entertain and provide safe haven for all monsters who fear humans. We enter the movie when his daughter Mavis is about to come of age (at 118 years old) and wants to explore the outside world. Dracula forbids this and bends over backwards to prove to his daughter how dangerous the world is.


Anything but scary- we were rolling on the floor we were laughing so hard.

Anything but scary- we were rolling on the floor we were laughing so hard. Image courtesy Sony Pictures.

The movie plot then turns when a human, Jonathan wanders his way into the Hotel Transylvania and zings into love with Dracula’s daughter. In the middle of the plot are some serious laughable moments that are simply perfect for little boys. My boys had tears rolling down their eyes when Frankensteins bottom half sneaks behind the Mummy and passes gas in the main lobby and then ignites a fireplace with green gas. There are a lot of hidden meaning laughs for parents that kids don’t get that truly made me want to sit down and watch this movie.


The best part of missing Hotel Transylvania this fall is that Sony appears to be getting ready to release a Hotel Transylvania 2 in the near future. It makes it easy to see a sequel when it is so fresh in their heads.


In true cartoon form, the movie teaches the love of a parent and the struggle that exists when the child won’t heed the advice of their parent. It is an all-to-familiar theme set with a different spin. It also has the undercurrent theme of being “different” and that those differences are good. It is clear that kids walk away understanding that you shouldn’t judge people by how they look.


If you want a break from the crazy cartoons our kids normally watch, Hotel Transylvania is a great break. It is currently playing on Stars (on Demand) and is release on DVD. I found myself really laughing out loud at the witty humor throughout the movie. My boys who normally can’t sit for a whole movie were glued to their seats for this one.  A great funny movie to save for a family night!  Enjoy!


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