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Are you looking for a great movie about Easter that will become an instant holiday classic in your home? Well do I have the movie for you!


Hop is one my kids favorite movies of all time!

Hop is one my kids favorite movies of all time!

About the Hop Movie

In 2012, the creators of Despicable MeĀ released another amazing and heart warming comedy that will be enjoyed by families for generations to come. Hop is about a a young bunny who is destined to follow in his father’s footsteps to be the next Easter Bunny. E.B, however, would rather pursue his dream of being a rock star drummer. He leaves his home and heads to Hollywood where he meets Fred, an out-of-work slacker. These two characters encounter hilarious misadventures and mishaps along their journey to find out the true meaning of family.

My family and I first watched the Hop movie last Easter. I was looking for a fun and family friendly movie about Easter, and Hop was a PERFECT choice! My children loved the movie instantly. In fact, they ask to watch it at least once a week! It is hard to top a Disney movie in my house, but Hop comes pretty close!

While watching the Hop movie, my kids are so engaged and focused. They know everything that will happen next and get excited for each new scene. They both jump up and dance during each fun song. This movie even inspired the love of drumming in our house! My kids sing, “I Want Candy,” all day after watching Hop.


Here are 4 reasons we LOVE the Hop movie:

  • The cast is amazing! Russel Brand, the voice of E.B., makes the character lovable, but comical and relatable too! James Marsden was the perfect choice for Fred as he is so believable in the role as a unemployed man who believes he is worth more than what has been offered to him in life. These two characters are a perfect comedic duo.
  • Family Friendly! Hop is the perfect movie to watch as a family. The Hop movie can be enjoyed by children (and adults) of all ages. It is witty yet cute and lovable. Little ones love the animation and colorful Easter references, while adults love the humor.
  • Hop has a great message about the importance of family! The characters in this story learn the importance of supporting each other and working together for a common purpose. Not only do the families come together in this movie, sitting down and watching this movie will bring your family together as well!
  • Hop also has the message of never giving up and always reaching for your dreams! Both E.B. and Fred have goals in life that others may find impossible; however, the two work together to help each other try to reach those goals. I won’t give away the ending, but let’s just say there is a great message that if you work hard, you can succeed at anything!


The characters in Hop are so lovable and funny!

The characters in Hop are so lovable and funny!


I highly recommend the Hop movie to all families! Hop will become an instant Easter classic in your home as it has become in mine.


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