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Experience a Hersheypark Halloween with Hersheypark in the Dark

Hersheypark in the Dark

Jersey Family Fun was invited to the media event for Hersheypark in the Dark to experience a Hersheypark Halloween. We were provided with tickets to the park and a meal. 

For only 3 weekends in the fall, Hershey transforms itself into a Halloween spectacular known as Hersheypark In The Dark. With rides, characters, animals, and candy (of course!), it is an especially exciting and delicious time to visit one of the sweetest parks of all! 

Hersheypark Halloween pumpkins at ZooAmerica

Hersheypark In The Dark is a family-friendly event that occurs across Hersheypark, Hershey’s Chocolate World, and ZooAmerica. Beautiful fall weather greeted us as we experienced Hersheypark In The Dark for the first time on Friday evening and all day Saturday. 

As we drove home on Sunday, we discussed and debated our favorite activities over the past couple of days and narrowed down our list to the following top 5 things must-dos at Hershey In The Dark.

family picture at Hersheypark in the Dark with Super Kit Kat

5 Things You MUST Do at Hersheypark in the Dark with kids

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Since you are visiting a theme park dedicated to Hershey’s chocolate, a great way to start the day is with a stop at Chocolate World, which is located right outside of Hersheypark.

Kids can collect their treat bags, stop by the 3 trick-or-treat stations, drool at the endless choices of chocolate at the gift shop, and enjoy the factory tour ride. This ride takes you through the process of making Hershey chocolate and when you get off the ride you are given a Hershey, which comes in handy to appease your chocolate cravings.  

Girl in Hershey's Chocolate World pretending to drink a bottle of hershey's chocolate syrup
All that chocolate might make the kids a little silly.

Trick-or-Treating at Hershey In The Dark

With 13 candy stops between Hershey’s Chocolate World, Hersehypark, and ZooAmerica, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to fill their candy bag and have a Hersheypark Halloween. 

Hersheypark has a special trick-or-treat trail called Treatville where kids 12 and under can stop by 9 beautifully decorated trick-or-treat stations to collect their treats. The people are dressed up and the theme is festive and fun. 

kids trick or treating at Hersheypark Halloween station

Characters at Hersheypark In The Dark

The Hershey characters dress up in their Halloween costumes and are available to meet throughout the parks. We met one of the sweetest superheroes around and were excited to get our picture taken with Super KitKat.

You can also show off your dance skills at the Hershey Character Glow Dance Party with a variety of Hershey characters. 

kids taking picture with Hersheypark character statues

The Dark Rides at HersheyPark

A thrill junkie at heart, my daughter has been riding roller coasters of all types since she reached the eligible height. Having studied the park map in advance, she raced us through Hersheypark to ensure that we experience all the special lights-out rides. Off we ran from Wildcat, Comet, and Lightning Racer, to enjoy them with their lights off on Friday night. 

Hershey's Chocolate World Ride

We then raced to the indoor spinning coaster called Laff Trakk, which turns off its lights inside the building during the entire event. Normally, Laff Trakk has neon lights and is slightly dimmed. For Hersheypark in the dark it’s ALL DARK.

Look for added Halloween decor as a way to enhance your Hersheypark Halloween experience. After 4 roller coasters, my motion sickness kicked in as I plopped myself down onto a park bench and enjoyed a few Hershey chocolate bars. Chocolate did the trick to get me back on my feet as the kids were too excited to see what else the park offered to allow me ample time to rest!

family prepares to ride roller coaster at Hersheypark.

Creatures Of The Night at ZooAmerica

Although ZooAmerica generally closes before dark, it opens at night for Hershey In The Dark for a truly special experience. ZooAmerica is included with your admission and is directly connected to Hersheypark.

With flashlight in hand since the paths are quite dark, we explored ZooAmerica and saw bats, snakes, lizards, wolves, and other nocturnal animals. We enjoyed the multiple interactive animal exhibits to learn more about owls, skunks, and cockroaches.

Hersheypark in the Dark luminaries at ZooAmerica

The kids also loved making luminaries that later would illuminate the prairie dog exhibit. 

Girl with Bonita an owl at ZooAmerica at Hersheypark.
Hanging out with Bonita an owl at ZooAmerica at Hersheypark.

Ready to visit Hersheypark in the Dark for Halloween?

Hersheypark In The Dark is a fun family event, designed for kids of all ages. This seasonal Halloween event at Hersheypark is available on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays beginning October 18, 2019 through November 3, 2019.

Hersheypark in the dark lighted sign

Hershey also provides a sweet sneak peek with every ticket through their preview plan. Guests simply present their ticket 2.5 hours prior to closing before their first full day visit and enjoy a fun-filled evening.  Many kids and families come dressed up ready to enjoy the event, but costumes are not required.

Hersheypark Hershey Triple Tower
Choose your Thrill at the Hershey Triple Tower.

With Halloween decorations throughout the park, characters to meet, thrilling rides, and delicious food and dessert at every corner, Hersheypark In The Dark is a perfect way to spend quality family time and make a Hersheypark Haloween memory.  

kids at trick or treat station at Hersheypark at dark

To learn more about Hersheypark in the Dark please visit the Hersheypark website. Click over to learn about sweet places to stay near Hersheypark.

mom with kids at Hersheypark in The Dark ZooAmerica pumpkins

Coming soon for the holidays Hersheypark Christmas

Hersheypark Christmas Candylane with Santa

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