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Hershey Lodge Water Works


Recently we told you about our visit to the Hershey Story Museum from last December. During the rush and busyness of the holidays, we were invited to visit Hershey, Pennsylvania. It was my family’s first visit to the Hershey Lodge. Other writers have stayed at the Lodge before and we stayed at the campgrounds during the holidays in 2015.  Of course we enjoyed Hersheypark, Chocolate World, and Sweet Lights, but one of our main reasons to visit was to check out the Hershey Lodge Water Works, an indoor pool and play area.


Water Works isn’t your ordinary hotel pool

With house rules like this, you know you are going to have a fun time at the Hershey Lodge pool.


Hershey Lodge Water Works

©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


Recently, Hershey Lodge added a new incredible indoor pool. Named Hershey’s Water Works, the Hershey Lodge indoor pool has a WOW factor I have not seen before with other hotel pools. Not only is there a large activity pool with room to swim and float, but there are multiple areas for the little ones to splash and play. And if that wasn’t enough the Water Works has two twisting and turning water slides, a hot tub, and a snack area.


Hershey Lodge Water Works

Such a fun and spacious activity pool for families. ©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


Check out our video tour of Hershey Lodge’s indoor pool, Water Works and then keep reading below to learn more.


Water Works’ Activity Pool

In the main area of Water Works is an activity pool. We found the indoor pool to be between 3.5 to 5 feet deep with steps in different spots to enter. We noticed three lifeguard stands positioned around the pool. My boys spent the most time in the activity pool. There favorite part was attempting to ride the dolphins. Two dolphins appear to float in the water, while really being chained to the bottom of the pool. My boys took turns repeatedly climbing on and and off the dolphins and trying to balance themselves on it.


Hershey Lodge Water Works

©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


On the other side of the Hershey Lodge indoor pool, separated by water for swimming and floating, there were two basketball hoops facing inwards toward the pool. They are mounted into the ground and extend about 3-4 feet above the water. My boys did a few rounds of pool basketball here.  Since the two hoops are on opposite sides of the pool we didn’t have the issue of it being crowded in that area as you might at some waterparks where all the hoops are together.


Hershey Lodge Water Works

The basketball area scored high for family fun. ©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


Reese’s Water Walk

Every water park has their floating disks for kids to walk across. Water Works is not different but this floating walkway is Reese’s Pieces themed with orange and yellow pads to walk across. It makes me crave for chocolate just thinking about it. A rope barrier separates this play area from the rest of the pool and my 12 year old enjoyed walking across it a few times.


Hershey Lodge Water Works

Take a walk along the Reese’s Pieces. ©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


Twist & Turn with Twizzlers Twists

In the back corner of the Hershey Lodge Water Works are two adjacent waterslides, titled Twizzlers Twists. The waterslides start at the top of a set of wooden stairs and extend outside the Hershey Lodge. The closed-in tubes twist and turn outside the building before sliding back in and under the stairs that took it out. (We found the hours may vary for these slides as they weren’t open the entire time we were at the pool.)


Hershey Lodge Water Works

Twist & turn with the Twizzler Twists ©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


Hershey Lodge Water Works

Look at those water slides! The view from outside Water Works. ©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


Water Work’s Toddler Pool & Preschool Play Areas

Hershey Lodge’s Water Works has two areas for preschoolers, toddlers, and babies to play in the water. While my boys were too old for this area, little ones would enjoy it.


Hershey Lodge Water Works

This water play area for the little ones greets guests as they enter Water Works. ©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


The first area is a water sprayground located near the entrance to Water Works. Designed like a majestic castle with two towers, kids can climb the steps inside and squirt water at their parents from fish-shaped water guns. There are two open slides for kids on one side and a closed tube water slide on the other. The castle sprayground also has a fountain that let kids move water down from one level to another.


Hershey Lodge Water Works

Another view of the water sprayground for preschoolers and toddlers. ©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


Located across from there and next to the Hershey Lodge indoor pool is what could be called a toddler pool.  This is a zero-entry splash and pool area. Its deepest area is 1 foot deep. What attracted me most to this area was the vibrantly-colored lighthouse with overhead buckets. Kids were squealing with glee walking through them and trying to get and not get showered with water. Water also pours down and over from an umbrella-shaped fountain. A lifeguard is stationed in this area as well.


Hershey Lodge Water Works

Such a fun play area and toddler pool for the little ones. ©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


Important information about Water Works at Hershey Lodge

Water Works is for the exclusive use of the Hershey Lodge guests. During our stay the pool was open 8 am – 10 pm. We found there to be plenty of seating for those guests who need a break from the water from time to time. Complimentary towels are available poolside.  There are 5-6 lifeguard stations, the number of lifeguards on duty may vary. A snack bar is also open at select times for snacks, meals, and beverages. The jacuzzi is available for guests 14 years old and older.


Hershey Lodge Water Works

Take a seat and have a snack between water play while at Hershey’s Water Works. ©Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun


You can learn more about the Hershey Lodge at their website.  For more help planning your Hersheypark and Hershey family vacation, please visit our series or click over to Eat, Stay, & Play in Hershey, Pennsylvania.


Take a look at more of our Hershey Lodge Water Works photos in this Facebook album. We’re giving you a preview below.



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