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Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park – Warren County Parks & Playgrounds (with Photos)

It was a beautiful fall day with leaves drifting from the trees and the warm weather could not be beat. I decided it was a perfect opportunity to explore a park just east of our home that I had yet to visit in our time living in New Jersey.

Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park

Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park ~ Warren County Parks & Playgrounds

Tips for Visiting The Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park

  • Not all parks are playgrounds and vice versa. I had recently seen the park sign and was intrigued by its location. I figured that its off the road setting would open into a vast park. It did, however, the playground I promised my kids was just down the road affiliated with the school. We couldn’t use it as school was in session but we found there was still fun to be had at this park.
Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park in Port Murray NJ
  • The park itself is unusual as its located in a remote part of rural Warren County. It encompasses quite a bit however its not all in one distinct area. There are fields for field hockey located on one side of the street, tennis courts, a baseball field and a unique walking path located on the other side of the street and just down the hill near the municipal building you will find access to basketball courts, a football field and the actual playground that is associated with the school.
  • The Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park offered a flat trail that would be easily accessed by most family members which included a unique opportunity to exercise. It was exciting for my kids to read that these exercises and locations were created and maintained by local Girl Scout Juniors who had earned their Bronze Award creating them. The kids enjoyed the exercises and because they were created by children themselves they were easy enough even my five year old could do them.
Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park

What Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park offers (in 3 locations)

  • A play structure
  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Field Hockey Fields
  • Football Fields
  • Exercise Activities
  • Soccer Fields
  • Walking Paths
  • Bathroom Facilities
Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park

What you also should know about Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park:

  • There is ample parking that is free.
  • All fields and courts are reserved by the Township Programs and cannot be used when they have games.
  • There are restrooms on the property however they are portable.
  • This is a very open playground and park. Be prepared with water and sunscreen.
  • The park itself is spread out over a vast space.
  • The playground is only available for use when school is not in session.

Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Park, located in Mansfield Township, Warren County is located at 100 Port Murray Road, Port Murray, NJ 07865. There is no fee to enjoy the parks or playgrounds.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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