Hartshorne Woods Park – Monmouth County Parks & Playgrounds

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Hartshorne Woods Park – Monmouth County Parks & Playgrounds


One of the many trails at Hartshorne

One of the many trails at Hartshorne


3 Reasons my Family Loves Hartshorne Woods Park


  • The views are gorgeous and unexpected! Even the ride into the park for the Rocky Point entrance gives you an elevated view of the Atlantic Ocean. The high spots of the park look out over the Navesink River as well. For a day when you want to be near the ocean but not all the crowds, find the clearing that looks to the Atlantic and spend the day feeling that ocean breeze. Not interested in the water? There are extensive wooded areas as well throughout the 794 acre park.


  • The Hartshorne Woods Park trails offer something for all ages. Listed as “the most extensive and challenging” trails of the Monmouth County Park system, the good news is you can stroll on paved paths, or climb up and down rocky hills. We weren’t prepared for the tougher stuff, but even the easier loops gave great rewards with views and nature. The park is large enough to see something new each time.


  • The Hartshorne Woods Park offers a former defense site, and the concrete bunkers remain. There are markers explaining the park’s significance, and a naval gun will be installed in one of the batteries to recreate what existed in World War II. This park is on the National Register of Historic Places.


River access at Hartshorne

River access at Hartshorne


What Hartshorne Woods Park offers

  • 12 Trails
  • Fishing at Shrewsbury/Navesink Rivers
  • Multiple parking lots
  • Picnic Areas
  • Porta potties
  • Historical Markers
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Cabin Camping


One of the bunkers at Hartshorne

One of the bunkers at Hartshorne



Hartshorne Woods Park is located at 1402 Portland Road, Highlands, Monmouth County.  Other entrances are listed on their website. Park opens at 7 am and closes 8:30 pm through May 2; 9 pm May 3 – June 7; and 9:30 pm June 8-July 17.


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