Harry Franco Park – Monmouth County Parks and Playgrounds

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Harry Franco Park – Monmouth County Parks and Playgrounds



harry franco park


3 Reasons My Family Loves Harry Franco Park

  • It is BRAND NEW. Built less than a year ago, all of the playground equipment is in pristine shape, as well as the rubber ground underneath it. Everything is very clean!


  • It is small – in a good way. Sometimes a huge park can be difficult to keep track of everyone. This playground has just enough going on that the kids have fun playing but don’t feel overwhelmed by too many options.


  • It runs right next to the NJ Transit train line. The kids love playing on the playground and catching a glimpse of the train going right by them. (Don’t worry, it’s separated by a fence!)



harry franco park playground


What Harry Franco Park Offers

  • Swings – regular, toddler, handicap-accessible
  • Slides
  • Climbing equipment
  • Benches
  • Gazebo seating
  • Basketball court


harry franco park gazebo


Harry Franco Park is located at Roseld Avenue in Deal in Monmouth County. Park hours are dawn to dusk.


See more Harry Franco Park photos in our Facebook Gallery.



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