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Globies make magic happen on the court!


These are the words that came out of my son’s mouth while we were guests of the Harlem Globetrotters at their game a few weeks ago. He was in awe with his mouth hanging open the entire time as we watched the game at the Sun National Bank Center. This was his first time seeing a Globetrotters game and in the week leading up to the game he studied up on each of the Globetrotter players. When I told him that he could vote on special rules to be played during the game, his eyes became saucers and it took him three days to figure out what rules he thought should be in play. We love that the Globetrotters start the family fun before you ever enter the venue with this fun option.

You Write the Rule Globies

One of the winning rules at our show


What rules could we vote on?

  • Two Ball Basketball- Yes, that says two ball basketball! Two balls in play at the same time, makes for some crazy fun shots.
  • Double Points- How cool would it be to watch every shot now be worth even more points helping to get the Globies higher up the leader board.
  • 4 point shot – One of the toughest shots to sink, you shoot the ball 35 ft away from the basket.
  • Penalty Box – The referees can send either team to the penalty box to calm down for a few minutes.
  • 6 on 5 – Five Globetrotters Vs Six of the opposing team mates. Will the Globies be able to win the championship with those odds?

The Globie Family understands that your family can get bored sitting in the stands waiting for the game to start, so the entertainment starts as soon as you find your seat. Before we knew it Globie and Mini Globie were bringing down the house. They enter the arena and get the crowd pumped for the game. We danced to some of today hits and saw one heck of a magic trick performed by Globie. Their pre-game party lasts right up until the teams are introduced. The opposing team comes out first, be sure to look at their coach if you are an old school Globetrotters fan you will be pleasantly surprised. Then, the crowd goes wild as the Globetrotters enter the arena. They immediately start doing flips and having fun. Not only are we big Globetrotters fans but we are also huge Amazing Race fans, when my son saw Big Easy was there he almost passed out he was so excited.



Globie shows of his magic skills.


There is never a dull moment at a Globetrotters game. Big Easy is the team captain and he had the crowd in stitches within the first few minutes of the game. When he announced what the winning rules were the crowd roared. We had double points and two ball basketball. This was going to be a fun night. I had seen the Globetrotters in the past with my older kids and was pleasantly surprised when Big Easy had a mic on for the entire game. It made it that much more enjoyable to hear his commentary. We love that the Globetrotters really engage fans of all ages with various activities throughout the night.

You can see more from our Harlem Globetrotter video playlist on YouTube.


What kind of things can you expect to see at a Globetrotters game?

  • Audience Participation
    • There could be a contest where you win a vacation for making multiple shots in a row.
    • Your child could be picked to learn a Globie trick.
    • Fun games on the court in between quarters.
    • Group dancing on the court.
  • Quality family entertainment. It’s a great night out where kids and adults alike can enjoy a fun game.
  • Amazing acrobatics that will leave you scratching your head wondering just how they did that.

As much as we didn’t want the night to end, we were excited to hear we could go on the court at the end of the game to meet the players and receive autographs. This part is pure magic for the fans. It can get a bit hectic and chaotic though as the players stand around the court behind a rope fence and the fans push their way through to each of them. It’s fun and enjoyable however if you have a child that gets nervous in large clusters of people this is not for you. It took us about twenty minutes to meet six of the Globetrotters. We were looking for TNT and Big Easy but sadly we couldn’t find them. The Globies that we did meet though were all wonderful. They graciously signed, tickets, programs, basketballs and even someones cell phone case. They will take a photo with your family and engage your kids in a conversation. They really know how to end a night.



Meeting the players on the court after the show

To see more Globetrotters game pictures check out our Facebook album.

In full disclosure, Jersey Family Fun was provided 4 passes to see a Harlem Globetrotters performance. All opinions are honest and our own.


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